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 RBA International started as an NGO in 1989 with an objective to raise a sound, healthy youth and to cultivate fully-fledged Chikyujin (people of the Earth, motherland) by carrying out diverse international exchange programs. In 2000, we were certified as a specified non-profit organization where we continue to be active with our activities.



Reform By Action...Change for the better

RBA stands for Reform By Action – bringing about change through action. With this concept in mind our symbol is a water mill that represents harmony between the energy of the universe and the energy of mankind.


Another RBA

RBA has another meaning – Real estate Baseball Association. Here, we organise RBA Baseball Tournament every year based on the philosophy of the original meaning of RBA, for the prosperity, development and friendship of real estate industry. NPO RBAI and Real Estate Baseball Association cooperate to spread the philosophy of RBA domestically and internationally. The symbol of Real Estate Baseball Association is the “RBA Boy”.


Our Objective


Our objective is to promote societal education, organize cultural, art and sports activities including international cooperation for children; for the healthy nurturing of both their body and mind, and to ultimately promote an everlasting world peace for the generations to come.

The Scope of Activities of RBA International


Promotion of Societal Education

Home education for small children and school education during their youth are very important when bringing them up. However, societal education plays just as important a role as these. RBA International aims to promote this by supporting internship programmes for students before they enter society, to experience the mechanism of society and how things work there. Others include, for big children (adults are big children), supporting activities for them to be able to have fulfilling lives in our modern society.

Promotion of Culture, Art and Sports

Culture, art and sports can deepen us and help us understand others. As each person is different, each country has different culture; how art is perceived could be different; popular sports may be different, too. Precisely for these reasons, it is vital that we get to know other countries’ culture, art and sports, and we feel the urge to actively promote these activities. We do this through various publications, cultural exhibitions and by carrying out baseball classes, etc. 

International Cooperation

Children are the key to our future. To help them unlock a bright future, it is our responsibility to nurture them healthily. To do this, we, RBA International, organises various cultural exchange activities such as the World Children Conference and World Music Festival, because we believe that it is important to deepen our understanding of peoples with different backgrounds and language by exchanging ideas and by spending time together. We also support exchange programs for schools and sports activities to help create more opportunities for children in different countries to meet and grow healthily. As well as activities for children, we organise academic exchanges for adults to gather and share the wisdom of humanity.

Raising Sound Healthy Children 

It is vital that a child from a young age has a strong bond with family members based on trust. An everyday living full of love and affection at home creates the foundation that brings healthy growth for both children and parents. We call such foundation “Family Strength” and we support various activities to develop this Family Strength.

Promotion of World Peace

RBA International strives to promote societal education, organise cultural, art and sports activities including international cooperation for children, to ultimately create a world where no human would argue and kill each other; to ultimately create a world where no countries would hate each other and start a war. These various endeavours are made to be directly put to the promotion of global peace, by for instance, organising speech contests with the subject “World Peace”, and also by helping to organise exchange students to study abroad among the countries RBAI has taken a step into.



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