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Message from Chairman


Why has never ever peace arrived on our earth? Is it not because adults, who have forgotten their childhoods, have miserable hearts where they are unwittingly putting themselves first? Once again, let us try to think even a bit about the happiness of children in the world.


Children are ambassadors of the future. In order to better lead those children, adults must be excellent leaders. Adults must show them “how” through actual practices. Those children, in this way, when they become adults, could show to the next generation “how” through their practices in the same way as they were shown by the adults.


We address firmly through RBA educational and cultural exchanges the idea that the paramount importance for mankind’s happiness is way of thinking (wisdom) rather than thought (knowledge). We aim to foster children, so that no matter what happens the children can think for themselves, learn, open a path for happiness without being discouraged, and furthermore possess the power to incessantly continue developing their own wisdom and strength.


Changing Self


RBA activities place the biggest value on its action itself. Having conscience and reason at its core, RBA is committed simply to just practice and act on its activities.


In the society in which we live, misfortunes cannot simply be those of other people, nor can happiness be mine alone. Through RBA activities we wish to recall “goodwill that lies unexploited” in the heart of each human being, and connect it to actions toward concrete contributions. We then wish to expand those actions of concrete contributions to a global scale.


Humans may not be good at overlapping their own system of values with others’. Perhaps this is due to our conservative instinct in operation; we tend to conclude the present on the basis of what we felt were good things or good relationships (in other words, good experiences) for ourselves in the past. For this reason, RBA started acting on the conviction that instead of striving to change “others” who are humans, the short cut to our goal is to work at changing “ourselves”, who is also the same human.


RBA believes that “changing the world begins with the individual” and “in order to change humanity, I must first change myself”. With these beliefs and a view to how the world will look in 300 years, RBA has been organizing activities to bring about change through action – Reform By Action…Change for the better.


To be Considerate of Others


There are not many adults, who children – the ambassadors of the future – could look up to and think “I want to live like him/her”.


My mother brought me up who always taught me, “If you wish to be happy, do good for others”, “Be such a person who can be attentive to the others”, and “Then, the deeper you are considerate, the more your way of thinking can be broadened. You will deserve to receive a lot of happiness, as your way of thinking is broadened”, “If there is anything you can do for others, raise your hands first”.


However, there are people who lead their lives with poor spirit; who may be successful with social status and wealth, but have caused irremediable societal problems. They are definitely not the subject of children’s dreams.


Whilst being rooted in reality, our thoughts are with children 300 years from now, implementing our activities to aim at creating the environment that adults can practice “to be considerate of others” both domestically and socially.



Specified Nonprofit Corporation
RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman


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