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Message from Chairman


It is no exaggeration to say that the events occurring within the realm of human society originate in the words and deeds of individual members of the human race. Simply stated, all aspects of human society are both created and conducted by each one of us, human beings. There is also no doubt that we are the individual units that comprise the very essence of this process.


In this way, the history of humanity is the evolution of the relationships between individual human beings. This is because, as social creatures, people cannot continue to live and prosper without maintaining constant linkage with others.


Within the 2006 edition of the Public Opinion Poll on Citizens Lives, an annual survey conducted by the Cabinet Office, one of the questions posed was: “What significance does the home hold for you?” The top four replies to this query were (in order): “A place for family harmony” (66.5 percent); “A place for rest and relaxation” (61.5 percent); “A place to strengthen family bonds” (54.9 percent); and “A place for parents and children to grow together” (38.5 percent).


Compared to the results of the previous poll in this series, increases were recorded in all four of these categories: “A place for family harmony” was up by 5.4 percent, “A place for rest and relaxation” was up by 6.0 percent, “A place to strengthen family bonds” was up by 8.7 percent, and “A place for parents and children to grow together” was up by 2.7 percent. The implications of this trend can be said to furnish proof of the accelerating importance of human relationships in people’s lives.


The substance of the family, the smallest unit of these human ties, is none other than the fruits, realized at certain points in time, of mutual cooperation undertaken by the individual members of those units. Life is in constant flow, and so is the family. For this very reason, steadfast efforts to sustain the health and progress of the family unit are critical to say the least.


Upon its foundation, RBA International proclaimed the following fundamental guiding spirit: “Individual growth and stability leading to growth and stability for the family, expanding to growth and stability for the society, and ultimately to the nation, the world, and the entire human race.” Rooted in this philosophy, over the past year we vigorously advanced a full slate of activities structured to support the individual members of each family unit. All of these efforts are subscribed to the “Equation of Growth and Stability”, as we strive to exert inspiration and influence through the actions of each and every individual involved in our activities.


As we enter the new year of 2008, RBA International is confident that there are those who will continue to lend a keen ear to our fervent efforts to contribute to progressive change, and be moved and motivated by our words and actions. Taking this support to heart, we pledge to carry on our pursuit of the virtues and the mission inherent in the aforementioned “Equation of Growth and Stability” throughout the year.


January 2008

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

Baseball Classes for Children

August 23rd~24th

Warm-up exercise in the sports hall

Mongolian children being taught how to throw balls

Baseball classes

Practice game by using tee balls

Practice game by using tee balls

Fielding practice

commemorative photo

Giving baseball tools as gifts



A Friendly Game with Seikei Elementary School Baseball Team

May 26th

Seikei Elementary School on attack

The Primary School Attached to Peking University on attack

All the players from The Primary School Attached to Peking University

A commemorative photo with both teams



An Exchange with Seikei Elementary School

May 25th

Dinning hall

A gift from the Primary School Attached to Peking University

Playing a quiz game

A passionate welcome by Seikei Elementary School students



An Exchange with Kawaguchi Tozuka Minami Elementary School

May 24th

Welcome Ceremony

China is here!

The game of “rock-scissors-paper” in chinese

A gift from the Primary School Attached to Peking University

Eating lunch together

Playing dodge ball

Playing dodge ball

An all-get-together photo shot in the school playground



May 22nd

On May 22nd, The Primary School Attached to Peking University baseball team, with the Principal YinChao, paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and had a talk with Katsuhito Asano, the Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs. This visit took place as RBA activities were recognised to celebrate “The Year of Japan-China Cultural-Sports Exchange”. Ms. Xiaolin Li, then, the Vice President of Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, who has shown continuous deep understanding towards RBA activities joined the talk whilst her visit to Japan.

“The Year of Japan-China Cultural-Sports Exchange” reception at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ hall

Commemorative photo with Mr. Asano, the Senior Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, then, the Vice President, Ms. Li and Mr. Kume, the Chairman of RBAI



March 28th

Supporting the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Ulaanbaatar City
A group of RBA International staff visited Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia on March 28th to attend the Ulaanbaatar City Youth SME Employers’ Association Establishment Plenum.  This association has an aim to promote the development of SMEs in the city, and its activities are supported by DAISAN KIKAKU INC. and the city of Ulaanbaatar with RBA acting as a mediator.  An office was set up in the Ulaanbaatar City Hall for the Joint Activity Promotion Committee.

The Association Establishment Plenum on March 28th 2007

Meeting with the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City

The door plate for the office in the City Hall

With the Deputy Mayor and the Chief Executive

Inside a traditional craft, yurt

A manager of a matouqin making factory





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