RBA International.

Asahikasei Homes winning its 14th victory

【May 20th

Asahikasei Homes won its 14th victory, winning 2 years in a row. The final match of the 26th RBA Baseball Tournament Wednesday Block only took place in the following fiscal year on May 20th at Tokyo Dome, due to scheduling circumstances. Asahikasei Homes won defeating Mitsui Fudosan Realty by 3-0. Mitsui Fudosan Realty had Chairman Hidehisa Takei, Hirohiko Yamashiro, the CEO, and approximately 600 huge supporters filling the dome with Rehouse Red, however, they could not win over their accurate baseball play.


Asahikasei2.jpg   reality3.jpg

Asahikasei Homes, Pitcher Konno     Mitsui Fudosan Realty, Pitcher Kitaji



Asahikasei nine welcoming back Mr. Matsui at home base



Asahikasei nine tossing Manager Yamamoto into the air



Rehouse Red filling the stand



The game is lost, but giving shining smiles!

The Another RBA: The Winner of the 5th D Cup goes to Sumitomo Real Estate Sales, defeating Tokyu Livable.

【May 1st

The 5th Club-D Cup, also known as “the another RBA”, had Sumitomo Real Estate Sales as the winner. The final match between Tokyu Livable and Sumitomo Real Estate Sales took place at Tokyo Dome on May 1st, where Sumitomo Real Estate Sales won for the first time winning a close game of 3-2.

On the day, the audience stand was filled with the “Livable Blue”. Last year, Tokyu Livable lost against Mitsui Fudosan Realty’s “Rehouse Red”. This year, having the opportunity to take on the revenge, the company mass produced a T-shirt with the corporate color blue; filling the stand with 400-500 supporters. Sumitomo Real Estate Sales on the other hand, perhaps “prioritizing work” was feeling away from home in terms of supporters. They only had few tens of supports but the game ran completely at their pace. Tokyu Livable ended the game in 2nd place, 2 years in a row.

Toshikazu Tanaka, the CEO of Sumitomo Real Estate Sales, and Yoshihiro Nakajima, the Chairman of Tokyu Livable also came to support the game; enlivening the game.



The winner - Sumitomo Real Estate Sales nine



Sumitomo Real Estate Sales receives the Championship Cup

and Printing Voucher from Chairman Kume



Tokyu Livable Manager, Mr. Otsuki receives

Commendation for the Second Prize



Livable supporters filling the stand with the Livable Blue

Ken Corporation beats Taisei Housy, winning its 12th block victory, 4 years in a row

【May 1st

Ken Corporation won its 12th block victory, winning 4 years in a row. The final match of the 26th RBA Baseball Tournament Sunday Block only took place in the following fiscal year on May 1st at Tokyo Dome, due to scheduling circumstances. Ken Corporation won its 12th victory defeating Taisei Housy by 3-1.


Pitcher, Ogasawara completes the game, celebrating pre-birth of his second child,

with Mr. Yazawa who had a winning hit




Ken Corporation, Pitcher Ogasawara        Taisei Hausy, Pitcher Sadaike



Ken Corporation bringing 55 new graduates to Tokyo Dome



Mr. Kinoshita, a manager, is about to cry (not even happy with his 66th birthday)

Shinjuku i-Land, Shinjuku

【March 3rd

“RBA Plaza”opened in Shinjuku i-Land to serve as a base for more people to get to know the variety of RBA International activities.

One of the tasks we gave ourselves at the opening of the Plaza was to let many Japanese know about Serbia and hence, expand their circle of friendship. To do this we named the Plaza “Serbia House”. RBAI has strengthened its tie with Serbia in the past; we have organized charity concerts for the children of Kosovo; sent a donation to an affected school in Serbia after the big scale flooding that happened in 2014; furthermore, we also support Serbian artists.


with ambassador.jpg

The Ambassador, Nenad Glišić and Chairman Kume with the flag of Serbia at the back


On the day of the opening, the Ambassador, Nenad Glišić, was invited. The ambassador poured Serbian coffee himself and taught the RBA Plaza staff how to make it. He promised he will give his full support, saying “Please let us know anything that you may need. We will write an article on RBA Plaza and have it on the embassy homepage. We can also put RBA Plaza link there”.




"You see, you only put this much water. After the water boils, you put glinded coffee, mix them and that's it. It's easy!"


RBA Plaza offers services such as gel nail and massage, etc, and all the money collected from these services will be donated to the children of Serbia via the embassy. Serbian coffee will be served to customers.


RBA Plaza: Shinjuku i-Land Atrium 1F, 6-4-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

TEL: 03-6279-0919

Opening Hours: Mon~Fri 11:00~20:00



RBA Plaza changes its appearance and interior quite often



Kume's Library newly opened (June)


◇     ◆     ◇


 An article on the Ambassador visiting RBA Plaza on the Embassy of The Republic of Serbia HP

The Ambassador Visiting Plaza

Obrenovac, Republic of Serbia

【22nd January】

On 22nd January 2015, RBA International made a donation to Grammar School in Obrenovac (Gimnazija u Obrenovcu), Republic of Serbia.

RBA International as part of its activities have held a charity concert for the children in Kosovo back in 2001 when it was still the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The ethnic antagonisms and the impoverishment of economy which continued from the 1990s had put many children in harsh environments. Grieving over this reality, Mr. Kume felt the urge to do something about it, which became the trigger in having the relationship with Serbia initially. After that, we were given the “Serbia Ambassador’s Cup” for RBA Baseball Tournament in 2009, and RBAI have supported Serbian artists.

Last year May, Serbia experienced a big scale flooding. When RBA International offered to be of any help, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia have put us through to Grammar School in Obrenovac who was in need.

Obrenovac is a mid-sized town, situated 30 km south-west from central Belgrade with a population of approximately 25,000. Grammar School in Obrenovac was founded in 1922, with 16 classes and 450 students today. The school has been well recognized for its academic excellence over the past years.




The donation will be used to improve Grammar School in Obrenovac environment. The school considers students’ safety one of the most important aspects in their work. From this reason, they wished for a modern surveillance system to be introduced in the school and RBAI was able to help achieve that.

The Principle Mr. Protić expressed in the Thank You letter, “Personally, I wish to emphasize that support of your esteemed organization, at the times of hardship and recovery, was of essential importance. We deeply value your contribution and look forward to further strengthening of our friendly relations.”

It took us some time to be able to send our support to Serbia, as the country has strict regulations on overseas donations. However, whichever country it may be, when people need help, you offer to help. RBA International will continue to do what are natural for humans to do, naturally.



Affected Schools


Thank You Letter from The Principle Mr. Protić

Saitama PKCT High School x RBA International

【January 20th, February 2nd-6th, 17th

This year is the 9th year Daisan Kikaku, Inc. held internship with Saitama PKCT high school. 3 students were accepted from 2nd February to 6th. This internship program continues because both parties aim towards the same direction.

On the first day, they have ventured out on a “Finding Self” trip to observe all kinds of people – men and women of all ages and nationalities, from the rich and the poor – to find where they stand among them. From the 2nd day to the 4th day, they have experienced sales, administration work and the makings of ads in an office. On the final day, they went to the printing factory in Kawaguchi, Saitama to have the field study of platemaking – printing – processing steps.

Prior to the internship on the 20th January, the CEO of Daisan Kikaku, Inc., Nobuhiro Kume spoke about “What is Limitation?” for about an hour to the 2nd year students of Saitama PKCT high school. This was the theme Sho Takemasa, the school principle gave to Mr. Kume on the day. This has been their unique tradition to decide the theme of the lesson on the spot.

Mr. Kume spoke about the importance of basic rules in being a member of society with plenty of humor for students: “Greet before anybody. Always respond with a “yes”. Place your shoes properly after taking them off. Just by executing these 3 things, your life will change.”




At the follow-up lesson, which took place on the 17th February, Mr. Kume encouraged 270 students; “You must not have half-hearted aims. You only live once, so have a big aim. Ask yourself how can I be happy? How can I be strong? And challenge your limits”.

A student S wrote on his report after the internship, “I was impressed to hear “students are only half a man so it is only natural that they cause troubles to others. But once you are a member of society, you are a full-fledged person. Causing troubles, that is not being a full-fledged member of society.”


 ◇           ◆    ◇


Saitama PKCT high school was founded in 1986 as a comprehensive high school of specialized courses to nurture specialists. There are 6 courses available in industrial, commerce, and home fields with a total of 280 seats a year.

The school’s mission is “to nurture industrial persons who can contribute to the society”. Having hands-on job experience is considered a crucial opportunity for students to learn the way of professional living and its tough reality. The school expects this internship program to bring a positive influence educationally.

On the other hand, Mr. Kume who has once ran a cram school himself stresses, “It is extremely vital to strictly receive societal education from a young age”. He continues to be supportive towards internship programs.



Internship taking place at the factory




Message from Chairman


RBA Activities that stand up against one’s inner desires


The year 2014 has seen frequent occurrences of painful incidents and conflicts, not just in Japan but all over the world. Instead of having patience and making efforts by looking into the future, people are only focusing on the issues that are right in front of them, who are only seeking the immediate gain. It can be seen as though a view of life that originates from self-centered heart does create these incidents and conflicts.


Such view of life, I assume, does not believe in others; it only believes in the self. It does not think about the future generations but has self at the center. The fundamental reason for such lies in the mentality that is unable to control the inner desires. The desire that wants to satisfy self; the arrogance with which the world is there for the self alone; and the cruelty that allows sacrificing anyone other than self, as a result, create these incidents and conflicts.


The preface of the Constitution of UNESCO states, “That since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed”. This quote superlatively states the importance of fighting against the mentality that cannot control the inner desire, and shows us the path to peace.


Furthermore, Ervin Laszlo, the founder of the Club of Budapest says, “There can be no greater insight today than that peace in the world depends crucially on peace in our hearts. …Attaining peace within one’s heart is a fundamental precondition of attaining peace in the world.”


Despite these wonderful declarations and indications, however, I feel with my own skin that the past year had led us in the totally opposite direction as these. And this is why I hold a sense of mission to promote RBA activities, which can demonstrate the human culture that can defeat our inner desires.


We, RBA International, this New Year, will promote RBA movements, which are not constrained to any politics, religion or ideology, which can achieve equal and fair mutual understanding to defeat the inner desires. For every one’s “only one life to live”, we attach the importance to the values of “Is this a poison or a medicine?”, and we base ourselves once again on the dignity of life. This way, we will implement our words and realize the cultural movement that respects human, and science exchange that respects environment.

January, 2015

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

Dear All,


2014 xmas-outside.jpg


2014 xmas-inside.jpg


【drawings by Jenny】

RBA International  x  Korea

Soul, Korea

【Dec 3rd

On December 3rd, RBA International Chairman Kume and staff had lunch at Samcheonggak (三淸閣) with the President Kim Young Aeh of Korea-China Friendship Association of Culture & Economy.

This is the second time for an amiable meeting with her in Korea. Samcheonggak locates itself in the midst of a beautiful forest, Bugaksan, and it is known to host many overseas guests. It is a place where traditional Korean culture and art can be learnt, experienced and enjoyed, as well as the beautiful nature and Korean style housing.

On the day of the visit, it snowed in Korea from the early morning. We were welcomed with a Korean saying that snowing signifies a good omen and that your wishes will come true.

What specially touched our hearts during lunch was the President Kim’s words such that your country of origin, status, or position do not matter but your heart. She expressed it as “exchanging with heart to heart; not country to country”; “it is an exchange between a person to person”.

Speaking of world peace, or international exchange, what we should focus on is not the exchanges between countries, but between people. This lunch was not just a peaceful occasion with full of laughter, but has made us realize that President Kim building a relationship with Chairman Kume precisely leads to “exchanging with Japan”, and that it is a step forward in deepening the relationship between Korea and Japan.

During lunch it was discovered that the President Kim was a teacher of Korean flower arrangement. For this reason, the possibility of hosting a flower arrangement exhibition between Japan and Korea next year is to be considered.

Taking this opportunity to widen the circle of private sector exchanges and to deepen the friendship are what we, RBA International believe are important.


The 1st Meeting








Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【Nov 21st

The 4th RBA Ladies’ Evening took place at Tokyo Hilton on 21st November. We welcomed Mr. Kazuhiko Kiyose, the Director of Real Estate Industry Division of Land Economy and Construction and Engineering Industry Bureau, of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and H.E. Nenad Glišić, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia for the evening.



Mr. Kazuhiko Kiyose, the Director of Real Estate Industry Division



H.E. Nenad Glišić, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia


The Director Kiyose emphasized, how the used-distribution market is expanding due to Japanese prolonged life and aged-society; and how the image of the industry is changing with the naming change of “Real Estate Transaction Specialist” from April 2015. He then added, most importantly, that this industry is a place where women can find it easy to work; it is a workplace where women can succeed more. He wished that this was the case and gave encouragement to 170 ladies in the real estate industry, who attended the party that evening.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia attended the party because RBA Plaza※, which is to be opened in the early next year, will be serving Serbian Coffee. This coffee money will fully be donated to the children in Serbia via the embassy of Serbia. From Serbia, we also had a pianist, Nataša Mitrović, who was visiting Japan coincidently, where we were fortunate enough to ask her to attend and perform at the party.

The evening had many events: beautiful piano performance, its duet with the Ambassador’s guitar, flower bouquet gifts for November born ladies, and Christmas gift prizes for rock-scissors-and-paper game. The venue was filled with many laughter and happy shrieks.



A duet between the Ambassador and Nataša




ln43.JPG ln44.JPG


ln45.JPG ln46.JPG


When choosing a house, women’s voice gain more importance. Wives and mothers look after the family and protect the house. Just like women are capable of nurturing children in upbringing them, females can accurately give advice and make suggestions in creating a comfortable home by having a closer standpoint as wives and mothers. RBA will continue to hold RBA Ladies’ Evenings next year, too, so this industry could change into providing a better environment where females can succeed, and offer female specific care, attention and kindness as service.



Rock-scissors-and-paper game with Mr. Kume. The winner gets a Christmas present!




※  RBA plaza will open in Shinjuku. The plaza will provide services such as massage, nail care, flower arrangements to ladies who attended RBA Ladies’ Evenings, and those who work in the real estate industry.


The 1st RBA Ladies' Evening

The 2nd RBA Ladies' Evening

The 3rd RBA Ladies' Evening

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

【30th Sept】

RBA International Chairman attended a piano recital at the Embassy of Serbia on September 30th. After listening to the pianist, Irina Naumovska’s strong and firm performance, Mr. Kume was so inspired; he has decided to support her art activities.

Her countenance during the performance was sharp, and you could see her passion for music. However, when she spoke she was all bubbly and always had a big smile on her face. We hoped that in supporting her, she would be able to continue making that beautiful strong sound of music.


RBA International who aims to promote an everlasting world peace for the generations to come through the promotion of culture, art and sports, have supported numerous artists in the past. We will continue to support artists and art which lead the world to peace from now on, too.



RBA International  x  Korea

Soul, Korea

【Aug 29th

The Chairman of RBA International visited Soul, Korea on August 29th to have an amiable meeting with the President Kim Young Aeh of Korea-China Friendship Association of Culture & Economy.

This is the first time that a meeting with the President Kim became possible. They have met several times in China in the past but they have only greeted one another from a distance. In May 2014, they met again at the 60th Anniversary Ceremony of the Establishment of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and promised to meet in Korea.

President Kim welcomed Mr. Kume with a smile and called him “a friend”. In their conversation, they talked and agreed to cooperate with each other for the future of children in their countries.

It was unforgettable how the President Kim repeatedly mentioned in the conversation, “The most important thing is your heart”.

Despite being the President of Friendship Association of Culture & Economy between Korea and China, Japan is also a neighboring country of Korea. It is only natural that one wishes for the friendship and peace of Asia and of the world.

As if to prove that point, a meeting triggered a step forward together at the same pace towards deepening the relationship between Korea and Japan, for the friendship and peace of tomorrow.


The 2nd Meeting



At the 60th Anniversary Ceremony of the Establishment of the CPAFFC

From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

【July 26th

On July 26th, Mr. Tsogoo ENKHBAYAR, a graduate from a Russian University, arrived in Japan. He had been a secretary of one of key persons in Mongolia. RBA International will provide an environment for him to be able to concentrate learning the Japanese language for 2 years, in the hope to help nurture a capable person who can be a bridge between Japan and Mongolia.




Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【June 12th

Japan Real estate Baseball Association, RBA Baseball Tournament celebrates its 26th year of establishment this year. Shinji Mouri, the Director-General of Land Economy and Construction and Engineering Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism gave Certificate of Commendations to 3 managing underwriters of Japan Real estate Baseball Association; Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Estate Company, Limited, and Tokyu Fudosan Holdings, to commend their 25 year long endeavor in building mutual friendship of the industry. The Certificate of Commendation was also given to the Chairman Nobuhiro Kume of RBA International, as well as of Japan Real estate Baseball Association.

This Commendation Ceremony took place on the 12th June at the Lottery of Preliminary Tournament for the 26th RBA Baseball Tournament, before the Chairman Kume declared the opening of the tournament. Koichi Yoshida, the Deputy Vice-Minister for Construction, Engineering and Real Estate Industry who attended the party on behalf of Director-General Mouri, gave the Certificate to the representatives of the managing underwriters and to the Chairman Kume. Furthermore, one of the special guests, Motoi Sasaki, the Vice Minister for Land, Infrastructure and Hokkaido Development, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism gave a speech during the party.



Koichi Yoshida, the Deputy Vice-Minister gives the Chairman Kume the Certificate of Commendation



With Koichi Yoshida, the Deputy Vice-Minister and the representatives of 3 managing underwrites



Motoi Sasaki, the Vice Minister gives a speech



The Certificate of Commendation



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