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Message from Chairman


started RBA International activities 25 years ago. So that real estate, construction and housing industries in Japan could develop together and deepen friendship among them, at the very beginning I proposed and at the same time advocated a baseball tournament where rubber-ball baseball teams could join from across differing industries. Luckily, I had supports from people who were the leaders of these industries each running big corporations; I was able to establish Real Estate Baseball Association. We have since then been able to continue the tournament every year for as long as 25 years.


Baseball tournament is just one method for people to communicate with each other and to deepen friendship. Not only does RBA International hold domestic baseball tournaments but has also organized various international activities in such fields as culture, academic area, sports, etc, and fortunately as a consequence, RBA has so far been given many cordial advice and support from the state organs mostly in Asia and their corresponding embassies in Japan.


Looking back at the past 25 years, could we not say that we have never encountered a time with such poor status of human relationships as it stands now, with a feeling of impasse? This does not just apply to personal relationships but also to social, national, and international relationships, where it becomes increasingly harder to restore misunderstandings, disagreements and differences in values.


I am neither a politician nor a political commentator. However, I am a nation of Japan – a country that cannot stand on its own. I am also a human – who cannot live alone – who play a small part on this earth as one of Chikyujin (people of the Earth, motherland). And this is why – with my small existence – I feel it is my important responsibility that I do speak out loud and express my opinion.


RBA International raises a hand with an objection to the current situation where the world is competing with armaments and economy; where the principle of competition is seen as a fundamental management style of the earth. Instead, we raise our voice to say “Now is the time to start the competition of contribution to mankind”.


RBA International has done everything within our power this year in enhancing the exchanges of Asia. Setting up a theme of “Friendship of Asia” over the next 3 years to come, we are to devote ourselves in promoting academic, cultural and sports exchanges withAsian youth in the centre. We ask for your sincere understanding and cooperation for the next year, too.

January 2014

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

Dear All,





【drawings by Jenny】

Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【November 22nd】

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of RBA Baseball Tournament, “Real Estate, Construction, and Housing Industry Get-Together Party” was organized on November 22nd. Over 480 people concerned attended the event to deepen friendship across teams, companies and industries. Guests included people from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies of China, Mongolia, Thai, Serbia and Benin, who support RBA Baseball tournament and donate ambassador’s cups, and those who are involved with international RBA cultural and academic exchange activities. Nearly 500 people gathered together to celebrate quarter-century-long RBA activities and to pledge for its further development.



Director-General of Land Economy and Construction and Engineering Industry Bureau, Mr. Motoi Sasaki giving a congratulatory speech



Guests from China, Thai and Benin



Guests from Mongolia


party hall.JPG

Tokyo Hilton party hall

Beijing, China

【October 20th】

To celebrate the big three anniversaries: “35th Anniversary of the Conclusion of Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty”, “25th Anniversary of RBA Baseball Tournament” and “10th Anniversary of RBA Chinese Ambassador’s Cup”, 9 selected baseball players from 4 companies who are the participants of RBA Japan Real Estate Baseball Association visited China as part of Japan-China sports exchange activity. They held baseball classes at the Primary School Attached to Peking University and the Primary School Attached to Tsinghua University, whom RBA has had past exchange relationships with. A baseball match was also organized between the 2 schools.


baseball clinic.JPG

Baseball class at  the Primary School Attached to Peking University


Mrs Li.JPG

Giving souvenirs to the President Li Xiaolin


all together.JPG

A get-together party with everyone!


- A Summary Slideshow of the Trip to China - 

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan

【June 7th】

A get-together party was held at the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Tokyo on June 7th to celebrate the opening of the 25th RBA Baseball Tournament. This year is a turning point for RBA, with its 25th establishment anniversary. It is a year to also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Ambassador’s Cup, which is given to the winner of the overall final match, and the 35th anniversary of the conclusion of the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty. For these reasons, it was celebrated splendidly with baseball team representatives, RBA advisors, various embassies who give ambassador’s cups, and government officers. 



Tournament Chairman Kume declaring the start for the next 25 years


get together pic.JPG

Guests from overseas



The Benin Ambassador's Cup starts from the 25th Tournament!





TokyoDome Stadium

【May 16th】

The overall final match of the 24th RBA Baseball Tournament took place at Tokyo Dome Stadium on May 16th. Sunday block supreme ruler, Ken Corporation achieved their 2nd overall victory after 10 years of absence. Ken Corporation attacked shrewdly on their 2nd and 6th innings, gaining 3 points, while sealing them with 0 point with three strikes every time.



Ken Corporation team tosses the manager into the air


victory flag.JPG

Victory flag giving 


ken corp team.JPG

An overall winner, Ken Corporation team

Miyagi prefecture Natori city Yuriage Junior High School

【March 18th】

Mr. Chang Jia Huang, a Chinese leading Dun Huang grotto painting artist, who is also an art advisor of RBA International, donated a 1.6 sq. meters large oil painting to Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture. Mr. Chang has long wished to encourage the victims of Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. In succession to donating a painting titled “A Pine Tree of Hope” to Rikuzentakata city, where tsunami damage was very severe, he has made a present of the oil painting titled “A Cherry Blossom of Prayer”, which depicts cherry blossoms in Yuriage district, Natori city, having RBA International as a mediator. 



An unveiling ceremony



Mr. Chang Jia Huang

Embassy of the Republic of Benin to Japan

【March 8th】

At the time when Mr. Zomahoun D.C. Rufin, an acquaintance of Chairman Kume, was appointed the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Japan, Chairman Kume started monetary subsidy to Republic of Benin to cultivate human resources, which serves as a foundation for the development of the country, last December. This was the promise they made before he became the ambassador. On March 8th, Ms. Assouma (24), who was chosen by the Republic of Benin as an exchange student to Japan, was introduced to Chairman Kume by H.E. Zomahoun, the ambassador, and received the monetary subsidy to cover her 4 years tuition fee and part of living expenses.



(from the left) H.E. Zomahoun, the ambassador, Ms. Assouma, and Chairman Kume

RBA International conducts preliminary and follow-up lessons for internship program at Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya Comprehensive Technical High School.

The host company accepts three students from Saitama PKCT High School.

【January 22nd, February 4th ~ 8th, 19th】

RBA International conducted before and after the internship lessons, directed to 270 students in the 2nd year of Saitama PKCT High School.  These special lessons took place with the school’s agreement that it is inadequate for the students to just ordinarily experience for a short time the simulation as a working person, only by visiting host companies. With the appropriate contents of the internship designed for high school students, Daisan Kikaku, Inc. took in three students of Saitama PKCT High School as interns during five days from February 4th to 8th.


pre lecture.JPGlecturing scene.JPG

A lecturing scene


at factory1.JPG


At a factory


after lec.JPG

A follow-up lesson scene



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