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Message from Chairman


Bearing Torch for Children to be Born After 300 Years


Thank you very much for your usual support and cooperation extended to this organization.


It is getting more and more difficult to find within the country where we live, such model that “I wish to live the life that way.”


As long as we live in modern society, anybody shall live as a responsible grownup. Naturally enough, they should do so. Saying “Let’s hope for a life that is being taken good care of by others in the quest of happiness”, there are ceaseless numbers of people seeking for higher social standing and wealth. Among them, most successors became arrogant, and they invite irreparable social problems or fail in business, harboringa sense of despair, thus spending empty days with poverty in mind. In either case, the reality of this country is far from cultivation a dream for ambassador of the future, the children.


I was born and was raised in such a country. I have not been displaying myself with ornaments, but been burning this year, too, with passion for the exemplary lifestyle, just following my mother’s precepts that “If you wish to be happy, do good for others.” “If there is anything you can do for others, raise your hands first”, “Be such a person who can be attentive to the others”, and “Then, the deeper you are considerate, the more your way of thinking can be broadened.” “You will deserve to receive a lot of happiness, as your way of thinking is broadened.”


What is placed in front of you tends to look big and important; however there is more important and imminent thing, although it is geographically far away from you. Whilst becoming rooted in reality, we at RBA International are going to implement our activities to aim at creating the environment that grownups can practice “to be considerate of others” both domestically and socially, fixing our gaze at children to be born after 300 years.


January 2004

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

The 1st : May 16, at Hilton Hotel, Tokyo
A lecture was given by Mr. Pramode Vidtayasuk, Director of Ministry of Industry, Thailand.

The 2nd : August 4, at Hilton Hotel, Tokyo
A lecture was given by Dr. Zhang Guo You, Director of The Institute of International Business Management of Peking University, China.

The 3rd October 31, at Hilton Hotel, Tokyo
A lecture was given by Dr. Shu, Professor of Economics, the founder of Tranceworld Institute of Technology, Taiwan.


In commemoration of The 25th Anniversary of Sino-Japan Peace & Friendship Treaty, the lottery of final match of RBA Baseball Tournament for China Ambassador's Trophy was held on September 2.

RBA Baseball Tournaments have been held every year with the aim of establishing both friendship and interchanges in the industry of housing builders and real estates and international exchange thru baseball games. As the 15th Tournament fell on the 25th Anniversary of Sino-Japanese Peace Friendship Treaty, then the original name of the tournament was placed with prefix of "Tournament for China Ambassador Trophy in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Sino-Japan Recovery of Diplomatic Relations", which were wholly supported by Embassy of PR China to Tokyo and Association of Foreign Friendship of China's People, in order to pray for further friendship between Japan and China.

The lottery of the final tournament was held at China Embassy to Tokyo, with Madame Mao Ya Ping, the wife of the Chinese Ambassador to Tokyo in attendance. It’s said to be first time to hold such an event of civil organization at the Embassy. At the 15th Tournament, Toshin, who took part in the tournament for the first time, won the overall championship. Making a trip to China, the team of Toshin is planning to strive for international exchanges thru baseballs games with those teams of elementary school and adolescent.


Greeting with Madame Mao Ya Ping

The team of Toshin took part in the tournament at Tokyo Dome

The lottery of the final tournament at China Embassy to Tokyo


April 24

The book was titled "We are Earthman", in order to materialize his long-cherished dream. The booklet, composed of total 56 pages, illustrates history and culture in Thailand, introduction of each region, industry, transportation, sports, daily life and school life in relatively big letters for ease of understanding. Quantity of the booklet, “We are Earthman” donated from RBA International are now being circulated among nationwide elementary and junior high schools by the Thai Embassy in Japan, which helps make the start of understanding of Thailand.

The book was handed to H. E. Mr. Kasit PIROMYA,
the Thai Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Tokyo

The book was also handed to the representative of a junior high school in Shinagawa and Ohta ward


On February 26, in commemoration of “The 30th Anniversary of Normalization of Sino-Japan Diplomatic Relations”, in both Tokyo and Beijing held were the publication ceremony of "SME Revolution thru Cooperative Organization" authored by Prof. Shigeo Momose and the inaugural general meeting of "Japan Division" of "RBA Society for Research on Asian-wide SME".

A celebration was held in commemoration of the publication of "SME Revolution thru Cooperative Organization " authored by Dr. Shigeo Momose, Professor of Meiji University and Chairman of RBA Society for Research on Asian-wide SME" thru Peking University Press, and at the same time, the inaugural general meeting was held for "Japan division of RBA Society for Research on Asian-wide SME". Prior to the general meeting, held was a lecture by Dr. Momose. To the inaugural general meeting, attended were some 200 people comprising the ambassadors and the members of the Society coming over from China, Thailand, Mongolia and Japan. The object of activities of the Society and the future activities were confirmed. Incidentally, Prof. Shigeo Momose was bestowed with the honorary doctorate of economics from Mongolian Orkhon University.

In company with the representatives from Mongolia, Thailand and China



January 26-28

At Association of Foreign Friendship of China's People, Beijing, cosponsored by Association of Foreign Friendship of China's People, the largest civil diplomatic organization of China and RBA International, Tokyo-Japan, "Exhibition of Sino-Japanese Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement" was held.

The tea ceremony and flower arrangement in both Japanese and Chinese styles were demonstrated respectively. Visitors were served with tea just made and Japanese sweets. This event was broadly reported by local papers in China with banner headlines and was televised as well, which brought forth great repercussion, interesting quite a number of people profoundly. We have been able to perform a great role of international understanding and international exchange thru traditional cultures, appreciating both the cultural difference between Japan and China and sympathy that both countries can share mutually.

Ms. Lee, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC)

Demonstration of Japanese flower arrangement

Chinese flower arrangement(left) & Japanese flower arrangement(right)

Demonstration of Chinese tea ceremony

Demonstration of Japanese tea ceremony




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