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Activities of RBA International2005


Message from Chairman


“Some things change. Others should not”


Thank you very much indeed for your generous support for and cooperation with our group’s activities. We at RBA International have exerted ourselves in 2005 in order “to leave an earth which is a better place to live for the generation 300 years after now”.


In 21st century society we are faced with serious global problems, and cannot help but feel a sense of impending crisis. In contrast to the mood at the start of the 20th century, when people nurtured a dream of building a better future through science and technology, we now feel stalled, with no way forward.


These societal circumstances make it even more imperative for each of us to live as a responsible adult. We must tackle squarely the global problems we currently face, without getting caught up in our daily rush, and without being arrogant about the knowledge the human race has accumulated.


Precisely because of the way things are today, RBA International has made an active commitment to change, with a view to how the world will look in 300 years. We believe that “changing the world begins with the individual,” and “in order to change humanity, I must first change myself.”


RBA International activities in 2005 included many grass-root activities in diversified fields, including cooperative projects with UNESCO in the areas of both education and cultural exchange. This year as well, we hope to contribute to world peace. We appreciate your cordial understanding and support for our activities.


January 2006

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

October 17-21

Persistent Private Diplomacy: Got Livelier This Year

From Oct 17th-21st, The 2nd RBA Baseball China Goodwill Exchange Visit group visited Peking, China. This is the second visit following the year before, included total of 27 people; 9 players from Asahikasei Homes, the last year's winner; 4 from Ken Corporation; 2 from Tokyu Livable; 2 from Asahikasei Reform; 1 from Mitsui Real Estate and 9 staff from RBA. 
In Beijing, friendly baseball matches were held with Beijing Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University baseball teams and carried out baseball classes for up to 400 children at the Primary School Attached to Peking University and the Primary School Attached to Tsinghua University. These classes got livelier than last year; strengthening private diplomacy.

The pupils of elementary school attached to Peking University and member players of RBA


July 27-31

Worldwide heritage child picture exhibition was held at Macao with UNESCO and RBA cosponsor.

Opening ceremony

Mr. Matsuura, UNESCO executive office leader

Reading message from RBA International chairman


The mongolian UNESCO commission representation (left)

UNESCO Children's Performing Arts Festival of East Asia



Tokyo Hilton Hotel

July 3~


Pulling out selection of the preliminary round league was done at the Chinese embassy(Jun 16)

With the participating teams' representatives, the drawing of the qualifying tournament was held at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan on June 16th. Together with the elementary baseball team players from Japan, the Primary School Attached to Tsinghua University baseball team also joined the party, who came to Japan to have friendly matches with the Japan team.

Ms. Li, vice president of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries


Victory of Wednesday block was broght to TOKYU LIVABLE

The 17th Japan Real Estate Federation Rubber-ball Baseball Tournament (referred to as: The RBA Baseball Tournament, hosted by DAISAN KIKAKU INC.) opened on July 3rd at Jingu Gaien Baseball Ground. 5 more teams had joined the Sunday Block, making the total number of teams to 20, while the Wednesday Block had 4 less teams, making the total number down to 31. 103 matches were held through to November 1st for 51 teams.

TOKYU LIVABLE rejoices victory(November 11)


June 15-22

We welcomed pupils of primary school attached to Qinghua university, and they shared time with pupils of Seikei primary school and Gakushuin primary school.

Pupils of primary school attached to Qinghua university

At interchange tournament with primary school attached to Qinghua university and Seikei elementary school (June 17)

At interchange tournament with primary school attached to Qinghua university and Gakushuin elementary school in Tokyo Dome(June 18)

Pupils of Gakushuin elementary school

Together with the members of the RBA Baseball



April 14

Synthesis victory was brought to Asahi Kasei Homes

Asahikasei Homes Won the Overall Tournament for the 5th Time After a 3 Years Absence

The 16th Japan Real Estate Federation Rubber-ball Baseball Tournament's (referred to as: The RBA Baseball Tournament, hosted by DAISAN KIKAKU INC.) overall final match was held in the following year of 2005 April 14th at Tokyo Dome. The Wednesday Block (Mongolia Ambassador Cup Contest) winner, Asahikasei Homes, defeated the Sunday Block (Thailand Ambassador Cup Contest) winner, Ken Corporatin by 6-0, achieving the 5th overall victory after a 3 year absence.


April 1

It was held to help for growing the small and medium-sized business of Mongolia.

Lecture of Small and Medium-sized Business by UNESCO & DAISAN KIKAKU INC., which aims to develop the SMEs of Mongolia, inaugurated on April 1st at the National University of Mongolia. This lecture is organised by DAISAN KIKAKU INC., UNESCO and National University of Mongolia as a joint project, and had an emeritus professor of Meiji University, Shigeo Momose, and a professor of politics and economics department of the same university, Masaaki Itoh, as speakers, who are the leading researchers of SMEs of Japan. There were about 150 entrepreneurs and students from Mongolia attending the lecture.

Dr. Shigeo Momose, in the midst of lecturing

Lecture scenery




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