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Message from Chairman


Thanks to all of you for understanding and cooperation in 2008, too, we could take a step forward for rolling out our activities. On behalf of RBA International, I would like to express heartfelt gratitude for everyone.


There grow many plants on this earth. Among them there are flowering grasses, which we adore their beauty and eat their carpology, of good service to people, and there are also weeds which we do not even know of their names. Here, let’s call them weeds which have done little to people.


In the places and soils where even weeds do not grow, any useful flowering glasses never come into opening up and bearing. In human society too, things called evils exist anytime everywhere.  (I do not treat weeds hereby called evils as an issue of right or wrong, but treat the weeds as issues of the existence in itself). Evils exist and, therefore virtue exists.


I recognize “solidarity of virtue” that RBA International has been seeking for just corresponds to the flowering glasses situated among weeds. Without care, they will be buried in weeds before we know. We have to look out day and night until the mature flowers open up proudly. Every moment is repetition of fight against oneself. 


Regardless of whether or not we recognize these points, a great number of lesser known forerunners have been doing so, and thus we can now live at the very frontier of history. We at RBA International foster “the flowering glasses” consciously.


A Mongolian saying goes, “Gathering of drops becomes sea”. We at RBA International in 2009, too work patiently without stopping in tending flowers meticulously, rain or shine. We continue to incessantly bend our steps until the existing global environments can be handed over to the children to be born 300 years from now.


I ask for your continued understanding and cooperation, as I strive to step forward to our movement.


January 2009

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

Author: Nobuhiro Kume   Illustration: Senya Shiratori

Modified A4  72 pages

【December 4th】

The poems that Chairman Kume began to compose at the age of 19 were published as poetry, being decorated by the pictures by Ms. Senya Shiratori. Such message by Chairman Kume is outpouring in it that “Human beings were born to assist other people. Being useful for other people is the object of being born, and it is the way to happiness; to expand the circles of virtue cheerfully and livelily. In reading it, a touch of  “Bringing Light to as Many People as Possible" - the philosophy of RBA International seems to be naturally absorbed among the readers. The book is released by Soueisha and Sanseido.


like sunflower.JPG


Wednesday Block Winner: Asahikasei Homes

Sunday Block Winner: Ken Corporation

【November 5th & 20th】

Final match of Wednesday blcok between Asahikasei Homes and Nisshin Fudousan was held on November 5th at Tokyo Dome Stadium, and Asahikasei Homes beat Nisshin Fudousan by 6-0. It was the first final match for Nisshin Fudousan in their career, but Asahikasei Homes did not let them even come close.

Similarly, the final match of Sunday blcok was held between Ken Corporation and Mitsui Fudousan Sales Repark on November 20th at the same venue as Wednesday block. Ken Corporation scored a resounding victory at 10-1 against Repark, who also climed up to the final match for the first time in their career. Ken Corporation gained the seven-straight years, 8th block winner in their career. The championship match is slated in March 2009 due to scheduling conflicts.



Asahikasei Homes team tosses their coach, Mr. Tetsuya Suzuki into the air in triumph



Ken Corporation team tosses their coach, Mr. Takaaki Tanabe into the air in triumph

Aid to Primary Schools in Poor Villages of Guangxi Province in China

【September 5th】

The 2nd aid intended for the children ranging from 6 years old to 18 years old of poor families was made in September 2008 to approximately 70 students of 4 primary schools situated in Guanxi Province.

This is subsequent to the first one done in February 2007 to assist the children in the deprived area of China, in tie-up with China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development.

100 Tents Donated as Emergency Supplies

【July 16th】

A severe earthquake of Magnitude 7.8 hit China on May 12th with epicenter in Sichuan Province, which causes catastropic disaster with many casualties.

RBA International received an emergency request directly from Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries with whom RBA International has been working closely for international cooperation, to ship emergency tents for victims of the disaster. To this end, RBA International immediately procured 100 sets of tents, which were scarce in Japan also, and delivered successfully to Chinese Red Cross in the suffering district with the help of China Embassy in Tokyo, Air China, China Red Cross, etc.

Original Author: Nobuhiro Kume  Text ・Illustration: Senya Shiratori

Modified B4  24 pages

【July 8th】

To disseminate broadly among lay people the philosophy of RBA International that is to leave an earth which is a better place to live for the generation three hundred years from now, a story originally written by Chairman Kume was converted into a picture story. With Ms. Senya Shiratori in charge of illustration and text, this book depicts linkage between mankind and animals living on the Earth. After the publication, we have received many great responses; "It is readable for both parents and children", "It's educative for tackling issues of global environment” and “We want to purchase more to distribute them to our clients for broader propagation". The book is released from Soueisha and Sanseid.

what bees saw.JPG

"What Bees Saw" book cover





The largest participating teams of 61

【May 13th】

Lottery for the 20th RBA Baseball Tournament took place in the evening of May 13th at Tokyo Hilton Hotel, where the details of match-up was decided. This year, RBA baseball tournament falls on auspicious 20th anniversary since the first one held in the 1st year of Heisei, the imperial era name in Japan. Participated were the larfest ever: 61 teams. The very first game of Wednesday block started on June 11th, while Sunday block started on June 15th respectively.


opening speech.JPG

Mr. Kume, Chairman of RBA Baseball Tournament delives an opening speech

Asahikasei Homes wins 2 straight years, 7th overall championship in their career

【April 22nd】

The overall final match of the 19th RBA Baseball Tournament was played in the evening of April 22nd at Tokyo Dome Stadium, and Asahikasei Homes, the winner of Wednesday block won the champion cup at 9−4 against Ken Corporation, the winner of Sunday block, after a rough-and-tumble fight. Asahikasei Homes raised the championship flag achieving 2 straight years of win and the 7th championship in their career. Ken Corporation caught up in the later innings of the game; however the losses incurred in the early innings proved unbearable. Ken Corporation ended up with five-straight years of a runner-up, and unfortunately the 69th birthday of the president Kensuke Tanaka of Ken Corporation, which fell coincidently on April 22nd could not be emblazoned with the champion cup.

After the game, Thai Ambassador's Cup was bestowed on Ken Corporation, the winner of Sunday block; Mongolian Ambassador's Cup on Asahikasei Homes, the winner of Wednesday block; and Chinese Ambassador's Cup on Asahikasei Homes as also the champion of the year. The victory flag, testimonials and commemorative gifts were presented to them by Chairman Kume.



The victorious Asahikasei Homes team

Accepting Internship from Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya Comprehensive Technical High School

February 6th & 26th】

In 2008 continuing on from the previous year, RBA International offered internship program (in-company familiarization training) to Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya Comprehensive Techinical High School as one of their social educational development program. A special lecture by Chairman Nobuhiro Kume: before and after the internship were planned and delivered to all 280 students in the 2nd year of Saitama PKCT High School. This idea came about after discussing with the school to not let this program be a one-off "event" to be forgotten by students.

While calling upon Daisan Kikaku, Inc. for the places of practical training for internship, RBA International received 2 students from the electronic machinery department, 1 student from information technology department - total of 3 students - from the school. They experienced “work” at the headquarter, sales branches and at printing factory of Daisan Kikaku, Inc.


lecturing scene.JPG

A lecturing scene


Students at Daisan Kikaku, Inc.

Edited by Nobuhiro Kume

A5 190 pages

January 23rd】

A book was published, highlighting “persons” of real-estate buying and selling mediation industry, to revitalize the industry currently in a slump. Chapter 1 consists of 25 articles of selected personsis who appeared in serialized columns titled “Vitality-marked persons and companies” in RBA Times (periodically published by Daisan Kikaku, Inc.), Chapter 2 is of cross-sectional analysis of the industry by Mizuho Research Institute, and Chapter 3 reveals the desired qualities and potentials structured by companies. Documentations are added to introduce RBA International as many persons taken up in the book also play active roles as RBA baseball players and managers.
Top executives of leading six companies in the industry contributed the book with articles titled “On the occasion of publication”, which help spread the philosophy of RBA International across the industry. The book is released from Shoeisha and Sanseido.


genki.JPG   genki2.JPG



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