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Message from Chairman


“Let’s convert myself first, in order to convert the flow of the world.”


Thank you very much indeed for your support and cooperation accorded to our organization from time to time.


The modern society we live now in the 21st century is still now confronted with serious problems on global scale. There exists no one of learned experts who do not harbora sense of the crisis. It is a reality that human society came to a sheer deadlock.


I am sure such human society must be composed of each of human beings. No matter what warning would be made by some of the learned experts concerning the problems on a global scale, these will never assume a sense of reality to solving the problems, unless each one of the society tackles with those as a matter of fact. To make the situation further serious we, who are expected to play the leading role of solving the problems, are at the mercy of daily business, spending the present time, to which we cannot take any measures to rectify.


In the midst of such vicious circle, we at RBA International stood up, declaring “Let’s change a human being in order to change the current of the world”, and then have long conducted diverse activities, advocating “Let’s convert myself first, in order to convert all other people”.


A part of the goal common in the activities of RBA International is to recall “goodwill that lies unexploited under the heart of each of human being”, and to bring “the actions towards concrete contributions”. The second part of the goal is “to expand the actions of such concrete contributions to a global scale”.


Before closing, the RBA International academic activities are under full way, aiming not only to theoretically support the grassroots movements by RBA International, but also to further accelerate the activities. This year, too, we will continue to contribute to the peace of world by rotating both wheels of grassroots activities and the academic activities. Let me conclude the preface by entreating your sincere understanding and support for the RBA International activities.


January 2005

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

December 6

Being invited by RBA International, the delegation comprising Prof. Dr. Gantsog, the President of University of Mongolia, and Vice Mayor Baatarzorig, City of Ulan Bator, paid a visit to Meiji University in Tokyo.
The party underwent a series of the interviews with the President Naya and other professors of Meiji University.
It was agreed upon mutually that they will lead the chair to a success, and promote international exchange between the people of Mongolia and Meiji University.

Central 3 people in front line, from the left in order:
Vice Mayor Baatarzorig of Ulan Bator
President Naya of Meiji University
Prof. Dr. Gantsog, President of UOM

At the meeting

Prof. Dr. Gantsog and President Naya of Meiji University

Prof. Momose of Meiji University




As a driving force the RBA Society for the Research of Asian-wide SME which had been expediting the unification of SME firms in Asia for the common goal, set up the academic chairs titled "Establishment of Asian-wide Networking of SME firms" in Mongolia(October 28), Thailand(December 17) and China respectively in close cooperation with UNESCO.
The signing ceremony of the chairs was held in November at University of Mongolia and in December at Chulalonkorn University in Thailand.
Due to the nature of the joint project with UNESCO, the results shall be disseminated to the world, and shall be shared broadly in the world.
Prof. Shigeo Momose of Meiji University, a recognized authority on the SME research shall play a key role in organizing the program of the chair. The RBA Chair in Asian SME started in February 2005 at University of Mongolia.

From the left in order:
Prof. Ito of Meiji University
Prof. Dr. Gantsog, President of UOM of Mongolia
Mr. Kume

Center: Prof. Khunying, President of Chulalongkorn University



October 28

RBA International has been building up a positive relationship with the people of Mongolia. In recognition of its long-term services and contributions, Mr. Kume, the president of RBA International was formally invited to attend a series of the ceremonies of The 365th anniversary of the municipality of Ulan Bator was held in November.
Auspiciously, RBA/UNESCO chair in Asian SME which is going to be held in 2005 at University of Mongolia has been affixed with the name, in commemoration of "The 365th anniversary of the municipality of Ulan Bator".

Mayor Enkhbold (right), City of Ulan Bator, and Mr. Kume

Magnificently held ceremony of The 365th anniversary of the municipality of Ulan Bator


September 8-13

"RBA Baseball Tournament" has been consistently carried on every year, aiming at boosting friendship, prosperity and development of real estate industry through the baseball games.
The 15th final match game titled "The 25th anniversary of Sino-Japan peace friendship treaty/Contest for China's ambassador cup" saw the team of Tohshin Co., Ltd. as the winner, who attended the tournament game for the first time.
The first friendship tour to China was realized by "RBA all Japan team" comprising the total 22 players of which majority is the team members of Tohshin Co., Ltd. They rendered baseball clinics to the pupils of primary schools both attached to Peking University and Qinghua University during their stay in China.
It is the first time for those schools to enroll such guidance to the pupils done direct by Japanese into their ordinary curriculum. Besides, diverse exchanges through baseball games played there by children and adults include a goodwill match with "Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC)." on top of the friendship matches with "Beijing Tigers" a professional team in China and with Beijing youth team.

Pupils of primary school attached to Peking University and RBA Baseball Friendship Visiting Team

Baseball clinics to the pupils of primary schools both attached to Peking University and Qinghua University

Baseball clinics to the pupils of primary schools both attached to Peking University and Qinghua University

Baseball clinics to the pupils of primary schools both attached to Peking University and Qinghua University



Participated into the 16th tournament games were 50 teams from construction and real estate industries in Japan. Hotly contested games developed among them.
The team of Ken Corporation won the victory over the Sunday Block titled "Contest for the ambassador cup of Kingdom of Thailand". The winner of Wednesday Block (either List Co., Ltd. or Asahi Kasei Homes) under "Contest for the ambassador cup of Mongolia" will eventually compete with Ken Corporation to decide on the winner of "Final Contest for the ambassador cup of China".
The winning team of the final match is entitled to a friendship tour to China.


May 20

RBA International has been expanding and intensifying various exchanges with the people of China which include "Exhibition of Sino-Japan tea ceremony and flower arrangement" done in 2003 and "Visit to China by RBA friendship baseball team" in 2004.
CPAFFC is a China's organization of non-governmental diplomacy which has made great contributions to boosting friendship between the Chinese people and people in other countries.
Mr. Kume, the chairman of RBA International was invited to the ceremony in commemoration of its 50th anniversary held in May.

Ms. Lee (right), Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s
Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC),
and Mr. Kume




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