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Message from Chairman


“Birds of a feather flock together”


I would like to begin with a short preamble.


Most know what it is like in having to let go of a treasured friendship for the reason of not getting along with them anymore. Perhaps, you may have ended a relationship because of a new found incompatibility. In fact, a friend of mine who experienced the suffering of divorce recently re-married; although the marriage was with another individual, the new relationship faced similar problems.


Such things happen, precisely because of the saying: “Birds of a feather flock together”. It is not that the problem lies within your friends or your marriage partner; for no matter how many times you divorce and remarry, you are the one selecting who you surround yourself with. Metaphorically, the “feather” remains the same. It is no surprise that one may repetitively suffer from the same problems.


That is why, unless you change your “feather”, the “birds of the flock” will not change. Unless you change, the nature of those who you surround yourself with will remain similar. You will forever repeat the same mistakes and suffer from the same problems.


Some people insist on changing others before themselves. They may hold an attitude such that they are not the cause of such problems but others are. Under this view, would nobody take their own responsibility for the outcome?


We, RBA International, through our activities demonstrate that we are totally against such stream of behaviours. Our activities do not seek our responsibilities from others and we deny that results are attributable to other people. Instead, our movements lie in the posture of “Self-reproach”, meaning that one acts on their own responsibility.


RBA International have progressed another year with a mindset of changing ourselves for the better because we believe that without changing ourselves, we cannot live the lives we dream of living. We were able to progress another year because there were people who emphasized with our “Self-reproach” belief and cordially supported our activities.


Therefore, to continue the activity of “Self-reproach” becomes the objective of our movement. We shall continue with our activities over the coming year, too, to expand the solidarity of good intentions; to change ourselves for the better… To leave an earth which is a better place to live for the generation 300 years from now…

January 2011

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

Tokyo Dome Stadium

Tohden Fudousan wins the first victory, while Shimizu Corporation loses string of championship

【November 6th】

The final match of Sunday block was played at Tokyo Dome Stadium on November 6th between Shimizu Corporation and Tohden Fudousan. Tohden Fudousan at the 4th participation into the tournament defeated Shimizu Corporation by 5-2, winning the first victory, avenging loss of sudden death game they suddered last year. Shimizu Corporation lost string of championshiop. The overall championship match as well as the championship match of Wednesday block will take place next year owing to circumstances.



Tohden Fudousan team tosses their coach into the air

Saitama Prefectural Inagakuen Comprehensive High School

【August 30th】

Mr. Chang Jia Huang, a Chinese painting artist, also an art advisor of RBA International donated a 1.5 sq. meters wide oil painting titled “Hua Shan” to Saitama prefectural government. Saitama Prefectural Inagakuen Comprehensive High School was chosen for the installation of this painting, and on August 30th, the presentation and unveiling ceremony took place at the school. The artist, Mr. Chang made a suggestion of such donation of his own painting in order to reciprocate his long residency in Saitama Prefecture and Kawagoe City and to help improve China’s ties with Japan, and RBA International acted as go-between with Saitama Prefecture.

Mr. Chang Jia Huang

Born in 1950. Studied in Japan in 1983. Became a student of artist, Ikuo Hirayama, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Currently appointed to an associationist of China Painting Artist Academy, Head of Dunhuang Modern Grotts Art Center Corporation and an honorably invited officer to Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. His father, Mr. Chang Shu Hong is broadly known as “Guardian God” of Dunhuang. “Hua Shan” is one of the five greatest mountains in China, and this painting is the very embodiment of the concept that Mr. Chang has cherished for as long as forty years.


Saitama Prefectural Inagakuen Comprehensive Upper High School 

Established in 1984 as a landmark of educational institute of Saitama Prefecture. The school comprises 2,400 students and 180 school personnel, one of Japan’s largest schools, integrating junior and senior high schools, unique in Japan, where students may select foreign languages as mainstay curriculum including Chinese and also select artistically oriented curriculum as mainstay such as fine-art. As ten thousands people consisted of parents and those involved throng for annual school festivals and such annual events, this school was chosen as the appropriate place to exhibit his painting.



Donated painting titled “Hua Shan”, August 2010


unvealing.JPGwith flower.JPG

                             An unveiling ceremony                      Mr. Chang Jia Huang receiving a bouquet from a student



Both Mr. Fujii, head of high school division, education dept. of Saitama Prefecture and 

the artist, Mr. Chang are granted “Letter of Appreciation” by Governor Ueda of Saitama Prefecture

Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【May 27th】

Lottery for the 22nd RBA Baseball Tournament took place at Tokyo Hilton Hotel in the evening of May 27th, where the details of match-up were decided. With the attendances of total 62 teams, first games of the season started firing with Wednesday block on June 9th and Sunday block on June 20th respectively.


opening speech.JPG

Mr. Kume, Chairman of RBA Baseball Tournament delivers an opening speech


lottery party.JPG

The Party Hall

Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【April 27th】

RBA Times has been released regularly once or twice a month in the form of tabloid, focusing on topics of real estate industry. When the RBA Times reached the 300th issue, a new column got decided to be started. This column is so designed that learned individuals from all quarters who engage in real estate transaction contribute with articles dedicated to "residence" from multiple aspects for the betterment of the industry. As a special RBA activity to advocate prosperity and develpment of real estate industry and also to deepend mutual friendship among the industry, this column does expect ceaseless contribution from those professionals as if article is contributed from one after the other like marathon-relay. On April 27th, a round-table discussion took place with the attendees of coming contributors, namely Mr. Kaibori, department chief, real estate industry of Land and Transportation Ministry, Mr. Ooi, managing director of Mitsui Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd., Mr. Kurosawa, deputy general manager for the marketing of Mitsubishi Real Estate Services Co., Ltd. and Mr. Hiramoto, senior managing director of Tokyu Livable, Inc.



Discussion in progress

Tokyo Dome Stadium

Asahikasei Homes wins four-straight years and the 9th overall championship

【March 19th】

The overall final match of the 21st RBA Baseball Tournament began at the Tokyo Dome Stadium at 7 o’clock in the evening of March 19th. Wednesday block champion, Asahikasei Homes edged against Sunday block champion, Shimizu Corporation at 3-2. Shimizu Corporation added one point each on the 8th and 9th innings, finally making chance to tie the game with just one hit, but to no avail. At the commendation ceremony, Mr. Kume, Chairman of the RBA Baseball Tournament handed over a victory flag to Asahikasei Homes team. Likewise, Mr. Wen DeSheng (文徳盛), the Counselor of Embassy in Japan of People’s Republic of China handed over a China Ambassador Cup to them.


dome 21st.JPG

At Tokyo Dome


tossing 21st.JPG

Asahikasei Homes team tosses their manager into the air


victory flag.JPG

Chairman Mr. Kume hands over the victory flag

RBA International offers preliminary and follow-up lessons for internship to Koshigaya Comprehensive Technical High School. Daisan Kikaku, Inc. takes in three students from the school.

【January 19th, February 1st-5th and 9th】

RBA International conducted a preliminary lesson on January 19th and follow-up lesson on February 9th respectively, directed to 270 students in the 2nd year of Koshigaya Comprehensive Technical High School. Taking it into account that it is inadequate to let them experience just simulation as a working people only by visiting recipient enterprises, Chairman Nobuhiro Kume gave lectures as an extraordinary curriculum, meeting with the schoolmaster’s approval beforehand. With the appropriate contents of internship designed for the high school students by Daisan Kikaku, Inc. the company also took in three students in the 2nd year over the consecutive five days from February 1st.



A Lecturing Scene



Printing Workshop Scene

  intern3.JPG intern4.JPG



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