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Message from Chairman


A human cannot live a life alone. Therefore, people live by seeking for somebody to live together. Fortunately, today’s world changed into such affluent society that anyone can live any way one can.  Thus, everyone can live willfully.


We owe it largely to people who rebuilt today’s Japan out of ruins after the World War II. The wealth derives from many people who devoted themselves to work day and night. There were such people that continued to work at the cost of their children and family members, and there are other people who ventured their lives for the future, even impairing their bodies. The wealth is a result of their buckling works at hand that someone had to be immediately doing.


Many families are proud of those fathers, and have been responding smilingly with a focus on father.  Thanks to existence of those families, the country, Japan achieved an unparalleled great economic development in the world. Most of Japanese have been going forward undaunted, converting loves of both our home country and family into source of energy. Truly getting over one’s greed and profit-and-loss arithmetic, their lives really looked like those of Bushido, Japanese chivalry, working together for the sake of national interests and interests of society.


It seems to me; however that today people lost a moral aspect, with their eyes being excessively caught by economic aspects. It is clearer by looking at psychological illnesses which attack people who sustain modern Japan working day and night, and clearer too by observing scenes of family waiting for return of the master after a long time since habitual behavior of individual meal.


We live in such society where high school and even junior high school students can earn money to some extent.  To make the situation worse, we live in such society that permits culture that piques desire of everyone. Children living in such society could never respect their fathers. As long as people live in a today’s society in which one’s life is measured by the kind of occupation, job ranking and size of salary, no children would understand that they have been grown up by love that asks nothing in return.


This year RBA International greets the 21st year since its foundation albeit in such society. We strive for the RBA activities a single step further to contribute to progress of our society both in terms of economical and moral aspects. Your understanding and continued cooperation are greatly appreciated.


January 2010

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

 【December 18th】

Summation of power each family possesses for happiness is“ Strength of Family Ties”. RBA International planned and directed a CD appealing the importance of family ties, being alarmed for unrest of modern society. Based on this concept, Daisan Kikaku, Ltd. produced the so titled CD, and distributed them among their clients.



CD jacket of "Treasure of the Family Ties"

Saitama  Prefecture Kindergartens


RBA International donated “What Bees Saw” to Saitama prefecture kindergartens, a picture story book published by Daisan Kikaku, Inc. in 2008 July. This picture book teaches the importance of our environment on earth, and its symbiosis with animals and creatures with which we live together. This book was donated with the aim of promoting the healthy nurturing of children in kindergartens.


bee book.jpg

Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【November 25th】

With a theme, "Seeking Genghis Khan of Peace", a charity dinner show was held. Invited from Mongolia, Mr. Purevkhuu Temuujin, a matouqin musician played tunes of matouqin and khoomii in front of the guests. Mr. Temuujin represents young talented musicians in Mongolia; winning the World Folkloric Music Contest. That evening, performing together with him, Our Planet 300 (RBA International Choir) made a strong appeal of enhancing family ties to the guests. It was a privilege to have his Excellency Rentsendoo Jigjid, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary from Mongolian Embassy to Tokyo as a special guest that night.





Mr. Purevkhuu Temuujin, a matouqin musician       Awa Dance performance from Daisan Kikaku Group



Our Planet 300

Tokyo Dome Stadium

Shimizu Corporation from the Sunday block wins, while Asahikasei Homes Corporation from the Wednesday block wins

【November 14th and December 8th】

The final match of the Sunday block was played on November 14th between Tohden Real Estate and Shimizu Corporation at the Tokyo Dome Stadium. The game entered extra innings at 0-0 with pitchers' battle, and consequesntly Shimizu won a walk-off victory to win of their fourth championship victory after 10 years.

The final match of the Wednesday was played on December 8th between Sumitomo Forestry Co., Letd. and Asahikasei Homes Corporation at the Tokyo Dome Stadium. After the extra innings at 2-1, Asahikasei Homes won against Sumitomo Forestry with a walk-off win. The final champinship is slated for March 2010 due to scheduling conflict.



Shimizu team tosses their coach, Mr. Yamadera into the air in triumph



Asahikasei Homes team tosses their coach, Mr. Suzuki into the air in triumph

October 4th】

A CD recording by Our Planet 300 (RBA International Choir) was released in October 2009. It is a longcherished compilation in which lyrics and music scored and written by Chairman Kume are consummately sung. The Past, Present and Future is titled due to RBA International carrying out activities believeing that in fostering one's life means fostering future; changing a single human means changing the world.





CD jacket of "The Past, Present and Future"

01. Lift Up Your Face, Stick Your Chest Out, You are You

02. Past, Present, Future

03. As a Human

04. Road to Happiness

05. Importance of Family

06. A String of Thread...Who Am I...

07. Scat

08. Fate

09. Peeking at the Other Side of the World

10. Higher than Mountains, Harder than Rocks, Deeper than Oceans

Hubei Province, China

【June 27th】

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the President Li Xiannian, a symposium titled "Start-up and Innovation" was held at Li Xiannian Memorial Multipurpose Hall located in *Hong'anxian, Hubei Province, presided by Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC). With attendances of some 150 special guests who were invited both nationally and internationally, Chairman Nobuhiro Kume, also as CEO of Daisan Kikaku, Ltd., delivered a speech on what philosophy is desired to run the company based on his own experience as one of the guest speakers.
*Hong’anxian is located north of and one and half hour drive from Wuhan, where the late Li Xiannian was born.



Opening speech by the President Li Xiaolin     Mr. Kume, Chairman of RBA International

of CPAFFC                                          delivers a guest speech



Symposium Hall



Centennial Celebration of the late President Li Xiannian Ceremony Entrance



Mr. Kume receiving a welcome red scarf and a bouquet from local school children



Li Xiannian Memorial Residence & Garden completed

【June 14th】

The 21st RBA Baseball Tournament Opens. For further details (in Japanese) of the tournament follow the links →  Wednesday block     Sunday block

Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【May 28th】

Lottery for the 21st RBA Baseball Tournament took place in the evening of May 28th at Tokyo Hilton Hotel, where the details of match-up was decided. This year, participating teams came up to 60 in total; the Sunday block started on June 14th, and the Wednesday block started on June 17th respectively, starting exciting games in the desire to advance to the final match.



Mr. Kume, Chairman of RBA Baseball Tournamnet delivers an opening speech

Tokyo Dome Stadium

Asahikasei Homes wins three-straight years and the 8th championship in their career

【March 16th】

The overall final match of the 20th RBA Baseball Tournament that was postponed on account of schedule adjustment was played between Asahikasei Homes and Ken Corporation at the Tokyo Dome Stadium in the evening of March 16th. As a result, Asahikasei Homes won with consummate ease at 2-0, three straight years, the 8th championship in their career, while Ken Corporation took the second place, six straight years.



Asahikasei Homes team

RBA International offers preliminary and follow-up lessons for internship at Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya Comprehensive Technical High School
Daisan Kikaku, Ltd. takes in three students from Saitama PKCT High School

【February 4th, 16th-20th and 24th】

RBA International conducted a preliminary lesson on February 4th and follow-up lesson on February 24th respectively, directed to 270 students in the 2nd year of Saitama PKCT High School. Taking it into account that it is inadequate to let them experience just a simulation as a working people by visiting recipient enterprises, Chairman Nobuhiro Kume gave lectures as extraordinary lessons, meeting with the school’s approval. Exchange of internship with this school has been continuing consecutively for three years. With appropriate contents of internship designed for high school students by Daisan Kikaku, Ltd., the company took in three students from the 2nd year over the consecutive five days.



A lecturing scene



At the printing factory



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