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  On 11th September, a three-country forum in theme of “urban development” was held at the National University of Mongolia. RBA International co-hosted with the Civil Service Council of Mongolia and the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign countries. Approximately 110 people participated. Public and private experts from each country presented and exchanged opinions on various issues related to urban planning.

  From Japan, Mr. Mikito Kusuda, Director of City Planning Division, City Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, gave a keynote speech and introduced the government's efforts in the phase of population growth and decline. Later in the breakout session, Mr. Sadatsugu Nishiura, professor of Meisei University reported Tama New Town Revitalization. More presentations were given by presenter of the other countries. Also Mr. Norihisa Shima, Associate professor of Toyo University reported the relationship between the history of urban development and public transportation in Tokyo. More presentations were given by experts form the other countries. Mongolia gave a presentation on problems and plans for future in Ulaanbaatar city, and China made a presentation on urban healthcare.

This forum will be reported in detail in RBA Times issue 407.




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