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RBAプラザ ジェニーのギフトショップがリニューアルオープン



 「RBAプラザ ジェニーのギフトショップ」(東京都杉並区高円寺)が18日、リニューアルオープンしました。来店客にいっそう夢ある楽しい時を提供しようと、緑あふれる空間に一新しました。愛くるしい動物や小鳥たちがかたどられた商品が並び、店内はさながら春の森のようです。


     "RBA Plaza Jenny’s Gift Shop” (Koenji, Tokyo) celebrated its renewal opening on January 18th. To offer more dreamy and fun moments to visiting customers, the shop underwent redecoration where more greens were added. Goods in the shape of adorable animals and birds fill the shop. Once you come inside, you would be stepping into a spring forest.






     The shop opened in 2016 to provide a place for customers to be able to choose gifts for their loved ones to enrich their minds. The shop does not aim to create profit. Rather, all profits are donated for children in Serbia. The number of repeat customers increased – welcoming over a thousand people to the shop in a month during October to December last year.

     After its renewal, the shop now offers many practical items for adults to use at home like earthenware. Popular items include a tea set with a motif of a wild bird, “Long-tailed tit”, also known as a “Snow fairy”; and a stuffed toy of a “Shoebill” – often known as a bird that rarely moves.





▼住所   東京都杉並区高円寺北2-10-9(JR高円寺駅北口徒歩3分)

▼電話   03・5356・7806

▼営業時間 [火]~[金]:10~18時、[土][日]:12~18時

▼定休日  [月][祝]。GWなど変則有、最新情報は公式インスタグラムで配信中。



<RBA Plaza Jenny's Gift Shop>

▼Opening hours 

Tuesday – Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday & Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Closed on Monday and Holidays. (Irregularities during GW.)


The latest information is posted on the official Instagram account.



▼Contact us

+81 (0)3 5356 7806


▼How to find us

2-10-9 Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

3 minutes on foot from JR Koenji Station North Exit

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