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 寄贈書籍は『MADE IN JAPAN 日本の匠:世界に誇る日本の伝統工芸』(IBCパブリッシング)など10冊。「新しい情報ばかりでなく、日本文化・日本の伝統を知ってほしい」と久米理事長が選んだものです。


 RBA International (RBAI, President Nobuhiro Kume) donated Japanese culture books to Worth School (President Stuart McPherson) last December. We received a photo of the students saying "Arigato (Thank you in Japanese)” in front of the books, attached to a massage.

 RBAI has held a “Japanese culture exhibition” at the school in 1997 and a “children's music festival” in 2001 with the school's choir at Suntory Hall in Tokyo.

 Ten books have been chosen and donated by President Kume, including "MADE IN JAPAN Japanese Artisans: Japanese Traditional Crafts World-Class" (IBC Publishing). "I want you to know not only new information, but also Japanese culture and traditions" he said.






 Three members from RBAI visited the school. Masahiro Kume, alumni of the school, represented RBAI and handed out books. "I'm glad to receive the gift from the graduates. I'll be happy to take it to the library and tell the students," said Mary Lou Berge and Anna McMahon, staff of the high school. The donations are posted on the school's Instagram, and the books are already used in the school's library by “Japanese film and culture club”.





 <Worth School>

 A Catholic private school in Worth Abbey, located in Crawley, a town in southern England. There are junior schools, middle schools, and six-form courses. About 600 students, from ages 11 to before entering university, including dormitory and commuting students. Founded in 1959. The school was originally a boys' school, co-educated in 2008. The vast site of 500 acres is used for school buildings, student dormitories, churches, sports facilities. Enthusiastic in Sports and club activities. The library has more than 15,000 books.



 [邦訳] お元気ですか。12月に訪問された際に寄付していただいた本は、日本映画と文化のクラブで大いに活用されています。クラブは毎週水曜日の午後に活動しています。添付写真で生徒たちからの感謝をご覧ください。



 <Message from school (excerpt)>

 I do hope you are well!  I thought you would like to know that the books that you donated when you visited in December are being put to good use in the Japanese Film & Culture Club that takes place in the School every Wednesday afternoon.  You will see from the attached photos that the students wanted to say their own thank you!

 Hopefully you will be able to visit again soon and maybe even take part in the Club!

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