RBA International.

The 1st RBA International Conference for Science Exchange for Peace was kicked off from July 15 through 20 at Olympics Youth Center in Yoyogi, Tokyo

We held The 1st RBA International Conference for Science Exchange for Peace.
Over the period beyond a decade, RBA International has been conducting the diversified activities such as "World Children's Conference", "World Art Exhibition for Peace" and "World Children's Musical Festival" in order to leave an earth which is a better place to liver for the generation three hundred years from now, and from this year onwards, "RBA International Conference for Science Exchange for Peace" was added anew to the extensive activities of RBA.

We at RBA consider every human being to be a child. Mankind's history is the culmination of collaborative works between parents and their children. RBA is propelling to realize "Asia-wide SME Network" to back up the SME proprietors for the future of big children, namely adults. The participants comprise the professors active in the forefront of researches. The concrete issues were taken up to transform the resources of the conference into the practical applications in the industry.

Organizer: RBA International (NPO)
Participating organizations:
Peking University (China), Peking University Science Park (China),
Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), National University of Mongolia (Mongolia),
Belgrade University (Yugoslavia), Moscow University (Russia),
aMeiji University (Japan)
Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Thailand, Ministry of Education, Mongolia,
Yugoslavia Embassy to Japan, Ministry of Education, Russian Federation


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