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The 2nd RBA World Art Exhibition for Peace was held at Rajamangala Institute of Technology in Thai

From June 15 through 21 at Rajamangala Institute of Technology, we held The 2nd World Art Exhibition for Peace. Its theme is "Peace, Dream, Hope and Challenge". Besides the selected paintings with motif of world peace from eight countries (Thailand, China, Yugoslavia, Mongolia, Russia, UK, Australia and Japan), a lot of the paintings from more than 40 countries in the world were displayed at the site.
The paintings of Mr. Chang Jia Huang, a prominent painter featuring Dunhuang, China were first introduced to Thailand, and his lecture was made at the same time.

Quite a few students of elementary schools in Thailand thronged at the exhibition, and they heartily deepened exchanges among the participants. This exhibition inspired the children to recall the joys to live afresh, and it gave a strong appeal to world peace.


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