RBA International.

Exhibition of Sino-Japanese Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement was held

January 26-28

At Association of Foreign Friendship of China's People, Beijing, cosponsored by Association of Foreign Friendship of China's People, the largest civil diplomatic organization of China and RBA International, Tokyo-Japan, "Exhibition of Sino-Japanese Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement" was held.

The tea ceremony and flower arrangement in both Japanese and Chinese styles were demonstrated respectively. Visitors were served with tea just made and Japanese sweets. This event was broadly reported by local papers in China with banner headlines and was televised as well, which brought forth great repercussion, interesting quite a number of people profoundly. We have been able to perform a great role of international understanding and international exchange thru traditional cultures, appreciating both the cultural difference between Japan and China and sympathy that both countries can share mutually.

Ms. Lee, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC)

Demonstration of Japanese flower arrangement

Chinese flower arrangement(left) & Japanese flower arrangement(right)

Demonstration of Chinese tea ceremony

Demonstration of Japanese tea ceremony


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