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RBA/UNESCO Chairs in Asian Small to Medium-sized Enterprises have been organized in Mongolia, Thailand and China respectively

As a driving force the RBA Society for the Research of Asian-wide SME which had been expediting the unification of SME firms in Asia for the common goal, set up the academic chairs titled "Establishment of Asian-wide Networking of SME firms" in Mongolia(October 28), Thailand(December 17) and China respectively in close cooperation with UNESCO.
The signing ceremony of the chairs was held in November at University of Mongolia and in December at Chulalonkorn University in Thailand.
Due to the nature of the joint project with UNESCO, the results shall be disseminated to the world, and shall be shared broadly in the world.
Prof. Shigeo Momose of Meiji University, a recognized authority on the SME research shall play a key role in organizing the program of the chair. The RBA Chair in Asian SME started in February 2005 at University of Mongolia.

From the left in order:
Prof. Ito of Meiji University
Prof. Dr. Gantsog, President of UOM of Mongolia
Mr. Kume

Center: Prof. Khunying, President of Chulalongkorn University



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