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Lecture for small and medium-sized business by UNESCO & DAISAN KIKAKU INC. at National University of Mongolia

April 1

It was held to help for growing the small and medium-sized business of Mongolia.

Lecture of Small and Medium-sized Business by UNESCO & DAISAN KIKAKU INC., which aims to develop the SMEs of Mongolia, inaugurated on April 1st at the National University of Mongolia. This lecture is organised by DAISAN KIKAKU INC., UNESCO and National University of Mongolia as a joint project, and had an emeritus professor of Meiji University, Shigeo Momose, and a professor of politics and economics department of the same university, Masaaki Itoh, as speakers, who are the leading researchers of SMEs of Japan. There were about 150 entrepreneurs and students from Mongolia attending the lecture.

Dr. Shigeo Momose, in the midst of lecturing

Lecture scenery


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