RBA International.

The 10th anniversary commemoration ceremony of Chinese amicable association & Chinese amicable peace developmental fund meeting was held.

Sep. 21

RBA international received commendation

Mr. Nobuhiro Kume, the chairman of RBAI visited Peking, China from the September 19th - 23rd, and attended the Chinese People's Association For Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) 10th anniversary commemorative ceremony of the establishment of China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, which was held at the Great Hall of the People on the 20th September.

CPAFFC was established with the purposes of enhancing Chinese people's friendship with foreign countries, furthering international cooperation, safeguarding world peace and promoting common development. China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development is a foundation to support these activities of CPAFFC.

For this ceremony, 200 people from all over the world including China were invited. From Japan, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Kyocera Corporation, and Inamori Foundation were invited other than Mr. Kume.

During the ceremony, 24 groups whose activities contributed to the CPAFFC received awards, of which 4 groups gave speeches. Mr. Kume was the only one who made a speech from Japan.

In his humorous speech, Mr. Kume spoke of Japanese men; when given a choice between family or work, without hesitation, that they would choose work over family, and of his wife, Mrs. Kume (Kimi), who balances the two very well and praised her.

This speech filled the hall with great laughter and applause. In China, Japan was always considered as a country where men were considered superior to women. People were surprised with his speech, for this reason; praising Mrs. Kume, and showed support for him.

Mr. Kume visited China during September 19-23,
and attended the commemoration ceremony on 20th and made a speech.

The objective of this trip to China was to extend the friendly circle between China and Japan through baseball. 27 players, including players from the last year's RBA Baseball Tournament winner, Tokyu Livable, and the runner up, Ken Corporation, visited the Primary School Attached to Peking University and the Primary School Attached to Tsinghua University to hold baseball classes for children. Players from Japan also had friendly matches with Peking Youth Baseball team and Tsinghua University Baseball team.

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