RBA International.

Publication -Picture Poetry Book, “Like Sunflower, Like the Sun“

Author: Nobuhiro Kume   Illustration: Senya Shiratori

Modified A4  72 pages

【December 4th】

The poems that Chairman Kume began to compose at the age of 19 were published as poetry, being decorated by the pictures by Ms. Senya Shiratori. Such message by Chairman Kume is outpouring in it that “Human beings were born to assist other people. Being useful for other people is the object of being born, and it is the way to happiness; to expand the circles of virtue cheerfully and livelily. In reading it, a touch of  “Bringing Light to as Many People as Possible" - the philosophy of RBA International seems to be naturally absorbed among the readers. The book is released by Soueisha and Sanseido.


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