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The Overall Final Match of the 19th RBA Baseball Tournament

Asahikasei Homes wins 2 straight years, 7th overall championship in their career

【April 22nd】

The overall final match of the 19th RBA Baseball Tournament was played in the evening of April 22nd at Tokyo Dome Stadium, and Asahikasei Homes, the winner of Wednesday block won the champion cup at 9−4 against Ken Corporation, the winner of Sunday block, after a rough-and-tumble fight. Asahikasei Homes raised the championship flag achieving 2 straight years of win and the 7th championship in their career. Ken Corporation caught up in the later innings of the game; however the losses incurred in the early innings proved unbearable. Ken Corporation ended up with five-straight years of a runner-up, and unfortunately the 69th birthday of the president Kensuke Tanaka of Ken Corporation, which fell coincidently on April 22nd could not be emblazoned with the champion cup.

After the game, Thai Ambassador's Cup was bestowed on Ken Corporation, the winner of Sunday block; Mongolian Ambassador's Cup on Asahikasei Homes, the winner of Wednesday block; and Chinese Ambassador's Cup on Asahikasei Homes as also the champion of the year. The victory flag, testimonials and commemorative gifts were presented to them by Chairman Kume.



The victorious Asahikasei Homes team

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