RBA International.

Publication -“How About Such Vitality-Marked Businesspersons?” - Real-estate Buying and Selling Mediation Industry Version

Edited by Nobuhiro Kume

A5 190 pages

January 23rd】

A book was published, highlighting “persons” of real-estate buying and selling mediation industry, to revitalize the industry currently in a slump. Chapter 1 consists of 25 articles of selected personsis who appeared in serialized columns titled “Vitality-marked persons and companies” in RBA Times (periodically published by Daisan Kikaku, Inc.), Chapter 2 is of cross-sectional analysis of the industry by Mizuho Research Institute, and Chapter 3 reveals the desired qualities and potentials structured by companies. Documentations are added to introduce RBA International as many persons taken up in the book also play active roles as RBA baseball players and managers.
Top executives of leading six companies in the industry contributed the book with articles titled “On the occasion of publication”, which help spread the philosophy of RBA International across the industry. The book is released from Shoeisha and Sanseido.


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