RBA International.

CD “The Past, Present and Future -Because We Live Our Lives Only Once”

October 4th】

A CD recording by Our Planet 300 (RBA International Choir) was released in October 2009. It is a longcherished compilation in which lyrics and music scored and written by Chairman Kume are consummately sung. The Past, Present and Future is titled due to RBA International carrying out activities believeing that in fostering one's life means fostering future; changing a single human means changing the world.





CD jacket of "The Past, Present and Future"

01. Lift Up Your Face, Stick Your Chest Out, You are You

02. Past, Present, Future

03. As a Human

04. Road to Happiness

05. Importance of Family

06. A String of Thread...Who Am I...

07. Scat

08. Fate

09. Peeking at the Other Side of the World

10. Higher than Mountains, Harder than Rocks, Deeper than Oceans

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