RBA International.

An Unveiling Ceremony of the Painting Mr. Chang Donated

Saitama Prefectural Inagakuen Comprehensive High School

【August 30th】

Mr. Chang Jia Huang, a Chinese painting artist, also an art advisor of RBA International donated a 1.5 sq. meters wide oil painting titled “Hua Shan” to Saitama prefectural government. Saitama Prefectural Inagakuen Comprehensive High School was chosen for the installation of this painting, and on August 30th, the presentation and unveiling ceremony took place at the school. The artist, Mr. Chang made a suggestion of such donation of his own painting in order to reciprocate his long residency in Saitama Prefecture and Kawagoe City and to help improve China’s ties with Japan, and RBA International acted as go-between with Saitama Prefecture.

Mr. Chang Jia Huang

Born in 1950. Studied in Japan in 1983. Became a student of artist, Ikuo Hirayama, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Currently appointed to an associationist of China Painting Artist Academy, Head of Dunhuang Modern Grotts Art Center Corporation and an honorably invited officer to Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. His father, Mr. Chang Shu Hong is broadly known as “Guardian God” of Dunhuang. “Hua Shan” is one of the five greatest mountains in China, and this painting is the very embodiment of the concept that Mr. Chang has cherished for as long as forty years.


Saitama Prefectural Inagakuen Comprehensive Upper High School 

Established in 1984 as a landmark of educational institute of Saitama Prefecture. The school comprises 2,400 students and 180 school personnel, one of Japan’s largest schools, integrating junior and senior high schools, unique in Japan, where students may select foreign languages as mainstay curriculum including Chinese and also select artistically oriented curriculum as mainstay such as fine-art. As ten thousands people consisted of parents and those involved throng for annual school festivals and such annual events, this school was chosen as the appropriate place to exhibit his painting.



Donated painting titled “Hua Shan”, August 2010


unvealing.JPGwith flower.JPG

                             An unveiling ceremony                      Mr. Chang Jia Huang receiving a bouquet from a student



Both Mr. Fujii, head of high school division, education dept. of Saitama Prefecture and 

the artist, Mr. Chang are granted “Letter of Appreciation” by Governor Ueda of Saitama Prefecture

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