RBA International.

Painter Toshiko Yokoyama's 1st Paris Personal Exhibition

Nichido Gallery in Paris

【May 28th】

RBA International visited a gallery in Paris on May 28th for coverage, where personal exhibition by Ms. Toshiko Yokoyama took place. She is an art painter, fully utilizing materials originated in Japan such as Japanese paper and Japanese ink and its style is like combination of sumi-e and western paintings.

Sometimes calligraphy-brush characters are added as special messages appealing to visitors’ instinct. Having studied in France in 1970s, she is an official membership of "Le Salon" in Paris, also a visiting professor of Xian Conservatoire in China.
Firmly retaining posture as quoted "I am absolutely a Japanese, wherever I take my stand even in foreign countries", she will continue to produce works which impassion many people across boarders. Resonating in harmony with her attitude, RBA International started an overseas coverage, publication and supporting activities, in order to make her existence and works widely known.

(Her second exhibition article can be found here)



Ms. Toshiko Yokoyama at her personal exhibition


yokoyama exhib.JPG


yokoyama exhibit.JPG


yokoyama painting1.JPG

Personal exhibition gallery


yokohama exhibit.JPG

At Galerie Nichido

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