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Supporting Exchange Student from Republic of Benin

Embassy of the Republic of Benin to Japan

【March 8th】

At the time when Mr. Zomahoun D.C. Rufin, an acquaintance of Chairman Kume, was appointed the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Japan, Chairman Kume started monetary subsidy to Republic of Benin to cultivate human resources, which serves as a foundation for the development of the country, last December. This was the promise they made before he became the ambassador. On March 8th, Ms. Assouma (24), who was chosen by the Republic of Benin as an exchange student to Japan, was introduced to Chairman Kume by H.E. Zomahoun, the ambassador, and received the monetary subsidy to cover her 4 years tuition fee and part of living expenses.



(from the left) H.E. Zomahoun, the ambassador, Ms. Assouma, and Chairman Kume

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