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Mr. Chang Jia Huang, a Chinese painting artist donates his painting to Natori city, Miyagi prefecture

Miyagi prefecture Natori city Yuriage Junior High School

【March 18th】

Mr. Chang Jia Huang, a Chinese leading Dun Huang grotto painting artist, who is also an art advisor of RBA International, donated a 1.6 sq. meters large oil painting to Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture. Mr. Chang has long wished to encourage the victims of Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. In succession to donating a painting titled “A Pine Tree of Hope” to Rikuzentakata city, where tsunami damage was very severe, he has made a present of the oil painting titled “A Cherry Blossom of Prayer”, which depicts cherry blossoms in Yuriage district, Natori city, having RBA International as a mediator. 



An unveiling ceremony



Mr. Chang Jia Huang

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