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The 25th Anniversary of RBA Establishment, Real Estate, Construction, and Housing Industry Get-Together Party

Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【November 22nd】

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of RBA Baseball Tournament, “Real Estate, Construction, and Housing Industry Get-Together Party” was organized on November 22nd. Over 480 people concerned attended the event to deepen friendship across teams, companies and industries. Guests included people from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies of China, Mongolia, Thai, Serbia and Benin, who support RBA Baseball tournament and donate ambassador’s cups, and those who are involved with international RBA cultural and academic exchange activities. Nearly 500 people gathered together to celebrate quarter-century-long RBA activities and to pledge for its further development.



Director-General of Land Economy and Construction and Engineering Industry Bureau, Mr. Motoi Sasaki giving a congratulatory speech



Guests from China, Thai and Benin



Guests from Mongolia


party hall.JPG

Tokyo Hilton party hall

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