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RBAI Chairman Message 2012

Message from Chairman


The year 2012 ought to have been marked as a huge step forward for reconstruction of the Great East-Japan Earthquake. Much to our chagrin, a full period of 12-months has passed away in vain without having completed the blueprinted plan brimming with hope, whereas lawmakers, government, local government, educated people and local people including disaster victims have uttered their own opinions.


Naturally, any disease cannot be cured without medical doctor. A car broken down must be fixed by mechanic; otherwise the car must not be run on the road. Lawyers having a good command of law make it clear whether this or that is right or wrong. This way, what is deemed essential to our life has hitherto been made and observed by professional.


Are recent lawmakers real professional, then?  How many lawmakers are there, who genuinely set their faces to politics when young and have been studying politics? Does the answer to it lead to the possible cause as to why we have been in chaotic society?


We at RBA International are keenly aware of the importance of specialties. We should return the society to the basics where society should be firmly established and preserved by professional, not only for us of the present but also for children to be born after our generations.


The specialties that RBA International purports are equal to mastering inherent ideal situation as human being, based on which the so-called-in-society specialties shall be generated. RBA International pursues “etiquette to human being”, “etiquette to society”, “etiquette to others”, “etiquette to family members” and “etiquette to self”. The bedrock idea behind the 5-etiquette as stated above is, in my understanding, that “One should feel relieved with the existence of others”, “One should appreciate the existence of others” and “One should recollect the existence of others “.


Whatever one wishes to do, only one cannot finish it by himself. He could not exist, and he could not move into action, either, without existence of other persons; without their taking-in; without their offering a helping hand.


Whether or not we are paid attention from anyone else, this year too RBA International attempts to cherish and enhance our spirits and vigor just like blessings of nature; the sun rising in the eastern heavens in the morning; the moon in the evening which may ease fatigued body; and mother earth which cultivates flower and fruit. With both feet, RBA International will come through this year, too.


January 2013

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

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