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RBAI Chairman Message 2011

Message from Chairman


The course of one’s life drifts. Accompanied by wave-like emotional ups and downs of his feelings; delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure, which one cannot hold down by himself.  Such is life!


Without staying only as his inner affairs, spreading over living space having relations with other people, such state of mind of one’s daily life. This is pulsatory repetition of the differing emotions; delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure, may interweave warp and weft of human relations. Whether conscious or not, being influenced by words, deeds and their resultant behavior (energy) originating out of the human nature within himself.


Last year, extremely strong emotion of ‘sorrow’ spread over Japan.  Tsunami and after-quakes triggered by Tohoku district offshore quakes, which occurred on March 11, 2011 provoked catastrophic disaster there.  A colossal number of precious human beings were sacrificed by the disaster named later “The Great East Japan Earthquake”.


I mourn the loss of the lives.  At the same time, we are prepared for extremely strong ‘words & deeds’ and behaviors (energy) to conquer this catastrophe.  As the rest of people do, RBA International boosts every effort that people of the devastated area exert to the rehabilitation.


In our society, there is no existence of ‘myself only’ independently of troop.  One man’s happiness doesn’t exist, either.  Individual’s happiness can be brought by happiness shared by the one and others.  RBA International, therefore, does activities wishing for happiness shared among people.


We at RBA International express our hearty gratitude for Japan Self-Defense Forces to work double tides and to undertake rescue and recovery for the people, never staying on the sidelines.  Learning the spirits of Japan SDF, RBA International promises to work hard for Japan.


There is no terminal station for the activities of RBA International.  Our activities do not lie in the action of climbing to the peak of mountain, but lies in travelling across chain of mountains.  No exaggeration to say continuing to travel across chain of mountains is simply the activities of RBA International.


This year, too, I swear we bend our steps boldly to journey of sympathy we share with other people and of touching rapport we try to bridge with them.


January 2012

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

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