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RBAI Chairman Message 2009

Message from Chairman


A human cannot live a life alone. Therefore, people live by seeking for somebody to live together. Fortunately, today’s world changed into such affluent society that anyone can live any way one can.  Thus, everyone can live willfully.


We owe it largely to people who rebuilt today’s Japan out of ruins after the World War II. The wealth derives from many people who devoted themselves to work day and night. There were such people that continued to work at the cost of their children and family members, and there are other people who ventured their lives for the future, even impairing their bodies. The wealth is a result of their buckling works at hand that someone had to be immediately doing.


Many families are proud of those fathers, and have been responding smilingly with a focus on father.  Thanks to existence of those families, the country, Japan achieved an unparalleled great economic development in the world. Most of Japanese have been going forward undaunted, converting loves of both our home country and family into source of energy. Truly getting over one’s greed and profit-and-loss arithmetic, their lives really looked like those of Bushido, Japanese chivalry, working together for the sake of national interests and interests of society.


It seems to me; however that today people lost a moral aspect, with their eyes being excessively caught by economic aspects. It is clearer by looking at psychological illnesses which attack people who sustain modern Japan working day and night, and clearer too by observing scenes of family waiting for return of the master after a long time since habitual behavior of individual meal.


We live in such society where high school and even junior high school students can earn money to some extent.  To make the situation worse, we live in such society that permits culture that piques desire of everyone. Children living in such society could never respect their fathers. As long as people live in a today’s society in which one’s life is measured by the kind of occupation, job ranking and size of salary, no children would understand that they have been grown up by love that asks nothing in return.


This year RBA International greets the 21st year since its foundation albeit in such society. We strive for the RBA activities a single step further to contribute to progress of our society both in terms of economical and moral aspects. Your understanding and continued cooperation are greatly appreciated.


January 2010

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

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