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RBAI Chairman Message 2008

Message from Chairman


Thanks to all of you for understanding and cooperation in 2008, too, we could take a step forward for rolling out our activities. On behalf of RBA International, I would like to express heartfelt gratitude for everyone.


There grow many plants on this earth. Among them there are flowering grasses, which we adore their beauty and eat their carpology, of good service to people, and there are also weeds which we do not even know of their names. Here, let’s call them weeds which have done little to people.


In the places and soils where even weeds do not grow, any useful flowering glasses never come into opening up and bearing. In human society too, things called evils exist anytime everywhere.  (I do not treat weeds hereby called evils as an issue of right or wrong, but treat the weeds as issues of the existence in itself). Evils exist and, therefore virtue exists.


I recognize “solidarity of virtue” that RBA International has been seeking for just corresponds to the flowering glasses situated among weeds. Without care, they will be buried in weeds before we know. We have to look out day and night until the mature flowers open up proudly. Every moment is repetition of fight against oneself. 


Regardless of whether or not we recognize these points, a great number of lesser known forerunners have been doing so, and thus we can now live at the very frontier of history. We at RBA International foster “the flowering glasses” consciously.


A Mongolian saying goes, “Gathering of drops becomes sea”. We at RBA International in 2009, too work patiently without stopping in tending flowers meticulously, rain or shine. We continue to incessantly bend our steps until the existing global environments can be handed over to the children to be born 300 years from now.


I ask for your continued understanding and cooperation, as I strive to step forward to our movement.


January 2009

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

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