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RBAI Chairman Message 2006

Message from Chairman


In 2006, with your understanding and cooperation, we were able to take our activities a step further, for which I heartily express my appreciation. I promise you that your sincere support will serve as the basis for even greater progress on our part. 


Thoroughly committed to mankind and to reality, RBA International also passionately believes that human beings can be improved. In the concrete activities we use as a means to this end, we do not necessarily seek success; instead, we put maximum value on action itself, and making RBA International an organization devoted to sound and conscientiousness practice.


The word culture is derived from the Latin cultus, which means “respect” or “worship.”  Our present existence is owed to methods of living devised to survive in a severe natural environment. It is no exaggeration to say that we owe our lives to culture, a way of living made up of respect, worship and service expressed and passed down to us as the fundamentals of the spiritual life that has sustained the improvements in our material existence.


From this standpoint, in the society in which we live, misfortunes cannot simply be those of other people, nor can happiness be mine alone. The activities of RBA International are oriented toward awakening the “sleeping conscience” present in us all, to connect it concrete action to benefit others, and to expand this activity to a global scale.


We humans are easily moved by a good story, we are also creatures that cannot easily translate that excitement into action. Perhaps this is because we are no good at overlapping other systems of values with our own. In this case, what I mean by no good is that a conservative instinct comes into operation, and we tend to judge the present on the basis of what we felt were good things or good relationships for ourselves in the past.


For this reason, RBA International has based its activities on the conviction that, rather than striving to change others, the short cut to our goal is to work at changing ourselves.


This year as well, our activities will be directed toward “leaving a better global environment for the generations to be born 300 years from now.”


January 2007

Specified Nonprofit Corporation RBA International

Nobuhiro Kume, Chairman

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