RBA International.

The 20th RBA Baseball Tournament - Block Winners

Wednesday Block Winner: Asahikasei Homes

Sunday Block Winner: Ken Corporation

【November 5th & 20th】

Final match of Wednesday blcok between Asahikasei Homes and Nisshin Fudousan was held on November 5th at Tokyo Dome Stadium, and Asahikasei Homes beat Nisshin Fudousan by 6-0. It was the first final match for Nisshin Fudousan in their career, but Asahikasei Homes did not let them even come close.

Similarly, the final match of Sunday blcok was held between Ken Corporation and Mitsui Fudousan Sales Repark on November 20th at the same venue as Wednesday block. Ken Corporation scored a resounding victory at 10-1 against Repark, who also climed up to the final match for the first time in their career. Ken Corporation gained the seven-straight years, 8th block winner in their career. The championship match is slated in March 2009 due to scheduling conflicts.



Asahikasei Homes team tosses their coach, Mr. Tetsuya Suzuki into the air in triumph



Ken Corporation team tosses their coach, Mr. Takaaki Tanabe into the air in triumph

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