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Internship Program

Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya Comprehensive Technical High School & Daisan Kikaku, Inc.

Preliminary and Follow-Up Lessons Being Conducted for Internship Program

【January 21st, February 3rd-7th, March 14th

Saitama PKCT High School and Daisan Kikaku・RBA International conducted preliminary and follow-up lessons in February at the school to 270 students in the 2nd year where Chairman Nobuhiro Kume gave a 90 minute lecture at the school. These special lessons took place with the school’s agreement that it is inadequate for the students to just ordinarily experience for a short time the simulation as a working person, only by visiting host companies, and this year was the 8th year these took place in a row.


Chairman Kume in the preliminary lesson which took place on January 21st spoke as follows:


“It is unknown if your way of thinking or the yardstick will be accepted in the society. Think of the soil. Rich soil with lots of nutrients will have many grass and flowers grow. However, with concrete pavement, neither flowering plants nor trees could grow. I wish you all to grow in the rich soil.”

“Doctors can kill viruses which cause diseases to people but they cannot cure sick people as a person. People have the natural ability to fight the disease and that is why you

can be cured. Please believe in this ability you have.”

“You should read the biography of historians you like. It does not have to be a difficult book. It can be the level for primary or the junior high school children. It could be anyone like Confucius, Eichi Shibusawa, or Hideyo Noguchi; I often read about them. What these people have in common is that none of them were selfish and always just thought about “themselves”. They all thought shining others precisely makes yourself shine and they have shown that with their way of life.”

“If you try to walk in the water, the water will just disperse. On the other hand, if you walk backwards, the water will flow in to you. People are the same. Please think about this carefully.”


In the follow-up lecture Chairman Kume spoke about “Quality of Heart”:


“The quality of your body points to physical abilities you were born with, while the quality of heart is an acquired quality of habits and natural reactions of heart you gain though various learning.”

“People say "acting upon your reason", but I want to say nothing is more unreliable than your reasons. Reasons hide your quality of heart. An easy example of this would be if I were to say “How are you?” to all of you, how many people can answer “I’m good!” out loud? Not many, in such a big silent crowd of people. Because to do such a thing is embarrassing, is what your reason would say.

Is such reason right? Your reasons affect common sense and knowledge, and it changes with time. Is society’s common sense really right? I think we need to have more relaxed mind to think about that with our reasons.

More than the reason, I wish to believe in the unconscious decision making you make that is in accordance with the quality of your heart. Polishing your heart is the way to live beautifully. Please do not be overconfident with your reason.”


Daisan Kikaku accepted 3 students from February 3rd-7th for an internship. They learnt about the basics of real estate advertisements and process of flier making, observed the printing factory, and helped with filing and sorting out documents of RBA International.



A lecturing scene



Filing RBA International documents



Presenting their feedbacks at the follow-up lesson

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