RBA International.

Final Match of the 25th RBA Baseball Tournament Sunday Block

Ken Corporation winning the 11th Block Victory 3 years in a row

The ace, Mr. Ogasawara in a cold sweat, losing 4 points at the last inning, but completes the game

【April 13th】

Due to some difficulties in scheduling, the final match for the 25th RBA Baseball Sunday Block was finally held on April 13th at Tokyo Dome between Ken Corporation and Shimizu Corporation, where Ken Corporation won by 5-4, achieveing its 11th victory 3 years in a row. The batting linesup worked out very effectively and despite Mr. Ogasawara, the ace lost 4 points in the last inning, the team managed to pull through a crisis. Shimizu Corporation had 5 long hits and caught up to only 1 point behind but could not overdo them. They could not achieve their 5th victory with 4 years absence.



High fives, after earning more points!


shimzpitcher.JPG  kenpitcher.JPG

Shimizu pitcher, Mr. Tamura (left) and Mr. Ogasawara, the Ken Corp's pitcher



A cheering party of Ken Corporation from Shibuya Branch



A cheering party of Shimizu Corporation

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