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Painter Toshiko Yokoyama's 2nd Paris Personal Exhibition

Nichido Gallery in Paris

【May 23rd】

RBA International visited Galerie nichido for a coverage, where personal exhibition by Ms. Toshiko Yokoyama took place.

This is the second time for her to have a personal exhibition in Paris. From all her beautiful works we are able to feel her soul and her strength, with her original characteristics and transcendental senses. Her reputation in Paris is great and we have received many positive feedbacks from them.

Ms. Yokoyama aims to provide cultural exchanges by using Japanese ink to express the backbone of Japan, “the ordered and coherent spirit of Bushido” and things that exist in between the West and the East, with a theme of “water, clouds and invisible things that support the universe”. Her life-long rich experiences, pride of being a Japanese, and her straight, lucid disposition with full of curiosity make her a very attractive person. Before she paints, she meditates to unify her spirit; bringing her energy and mind to the maximum. There are times where her meditation takes a lot longer than her actual painting time.

With further probing, she says firmly, “I wish to move people with a single line I paint”.

One of the main activities she is going to be involved in is to sing a song – a song that was composed from a poem she wrote titled “Oka-chan to Musume” (a mother and a daughter). This poem was written while nursing her own mother. Hence, it contains her deep emotions for her mother.

Ms. Yokoyama is very active and loves to challenge new things. RBA International will continue to support and publicize her.

(Her first exhibition article can be found from here)



Ms. Toshiko Tokoyama, with her work titled "Cherry Blossom"


piece1.JPG   piece2.JPG






Galerie nichido

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