RBA International.

The Overall Final Match of the 25th RBA Baseball Tournament

Asahikasei Homes Wins the 12th Overall Victory After 2 Years

Mr. Kishita Gets Game-Winning Hit

The Pitcher, Konno Pitches a No-Hitter but Leaves the Mound on the Last Batter

【May 14th

The 25th RBA Baseball Tournament overall final match took place at Tokyo Dome on May 14th between Ken Corporation and Asahikasai Homes, where the latter won by 2-0, defeating Ken Corporation in winning its 12th overall victory after 2 years. Kishita with 1 out, bases loaded in the 5th, got 2 run batted in, getting a game-winning hit. Asahikasei pitcher, Konno pitches a no-hitter until 2 outs of the 7th, however with one last batter left, leaves the mound. This command was surprising as there are many matches where games are turned around after 2 outs in the final inning. For the manager, Yamamoto to send a pitcher who never pitched, at the very end of the game was just unbelievable. It is certainly a decision that is possible to make with a strong trust between the manager and the team. Pitcher Shinonaga, however, had a fine strikeout.

Ken Corporation pitcher Ogasawara managed to hold down powerful hitters of Asahikasei, however regrettably allows runs on consecutive walks in the 5th inning.

There had been 5 overall final matches between these 2 teams in the past, of which Asahikasei Homes had won all. The 6th match victory also went to Asahikasei, making manager Yamamoto an overall victory manager in his first year of assuming the manager position.



Asahikasei nine tosses manager Yamamoto into the air



Glorious moment of victory (Pitcher Konno in the middle)



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