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The 2nd Amiable Meeting with the President Kim Young Aeh of Korea-China Friendship Association of Culture & Economy

RBA International  x  Korea

Soul, Korea

【Dec 3rd

On December 3rd, RBA International Chairman Kume and staff had lunch at Samcheonggak (三淸閣) with the President Kim Young Aeh of Korea-China Friendship Association of Culture & Economy.

This is the second time for an amiable meeting with her in Korea. Samcheonggak locates itself in the midst of a beautiful forest, Bugaksan, and it is known to host many overseas guests. It is a place where traditional Korean culture and art can be learnt, experienced and enjoyed, as well as the beautiful nature and Korean style housing.

On the day of the visit, it snowed in Korea from the early morning. We were welcomed with a Korean saying that snowing signifies a good omen and that your wishes will come true.

What specially touched our hearts during lunch was the President Kim’s words such that your country of origin, status, or position do not matter but your heart. She expressed it as “exchanging with heart to heart; not country to country”; “it is an exchange between a person to person”.

Speaking of world peace, or international exchange, what we should focus on is not the exchanges between countries, but between people. This lunch was not just a peaceful occasion with full of laughter, but has made us realize that President Kim building a relationship with Chairman Kume precisely leads to “exchanging with Japan”, and that it is a step forward in deepening the relationship between Korea and Japan.

During lunch it was discovered that the President Kim was a teacher of Korean flower arrangement. For this reason, the possibility of hosting a flower arrangement exhibition between Japan and Korea next year is to be considered.

Taking this opportunity to widen the circle of private sector exchanges and to deepen the friendship are what we, RBA International believe are important.


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