RBA International.

Supports an Artist from the Republic of Serbia

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

【30th Sept】

RBA International Chairman attended a piano recital at the Embassy of Serbia on September 30th. After listening to the pianist, Irina Naumovska’s strong and firm performance, Mr. Kume was so inspired; he has decided to support her art activities.

Her countenance during the performance was sharp, and you could see her passion for music. However, when she spoke she was all bubbly and always had a big smile on her face. We hoped that in supporting her, she would be able to continue making that beautiful strong sound of music.


RBA International who aims to promote an everlasting world peace for the generations to come through the promotion of culture, art and sports, have supported numerous artists in the past. We will continue to support artists and art which lead the world to peace from now on, too.



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