RBA International.

The 2nd RBA Ladies’ Evening (Strawberry Dessert & Light Meal Buffet)

Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【Apr 17th

The 2nd RBA Ladies’ Evening was held on April 17th at Tokyo Hilton where approximately 170 people came and enjoyed plenty of light food and sweets. Continuing the tradition from the 1st Ladies’ Evening of rock-scissors-and-paper game, some prizes were prepared for the winners, and flowers for April birthday ladies.

The CEO Mr. Kume greeted, saying, “We cannot build happiness on top of others’ misfortunes. The reason why we hold Ladies’ Evenings is because we want ladies to be smiley and support sales to work with vigor. In organizing RBA Ladies’ Evenings, we hope to bring energy to salesmen and bring bright future to Japan”. He continued passionately, “the reason why we are able to exist is because we have a father and a mother. We should not forget the favor we owe to them. It can be a single call, or a smile from you; we need your parents to be happy first. So please, execute these”.


The 1st RBA Ladies' Evening

The 3rd RBA Ladies' Evening

The 4th RBA Ladies' Evening





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Roast beef was the most popular dish of the evening! Such a long queue there was!



After being full, we enjoyed the rock-scissors-and-paper game!

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