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The 4th RBA Ladies’ Evening (Dinner Buffet)

Tokyo Hilton Hotel

【Nov 21st

The 4th RBA Ladies’ Evening took place at Tokyo Hilton on 21st November. We welcomed Mr. Kazuhiko Kiyose, the Director of Real Estate Industry Division of Land Economy and Construction and Engineering Industry Bureau, of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and H.E. Nenad Glišić, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia for the evening.



Mr. Kazuhiko Kiyose, the Director of Real Estate Industry Division



H.E. Nenad Glišić, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia


The Director Kiyose emphasized, how the used-distribution market is expanding due to Japanese prolonged life and aged-society; and how the image of the industry is changing with the naming change of “Real Estate Transaction Specialist” from April 2015. He then added, most importantly, that this industry is a place where women can find it easy to work; it is a workplace where women can succeed more. He wished that this was the case and gave encouragement to 170 ladies in the real estate industry, who attended the party that evening.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia attended the party because RBA Plaza※, which is to be opened in the early next year, will be serving Serbian Coffee. This coffee money will fully be donated to the children in Serbia via the embassy of Serbia. From Serbia, we also had a pianist, Nataša Mitrović, who was visiting Japan coincidently, where we were fortunate enough to ask her to attend and perform at the party.

The evening had many events: beautiful piano performance, its duet with the Ambassador’s guitar, flower bouquet gifts for November born ladies, and Christmas gift prizes for rock-scissors-and-paper game. The venue was filled with many laughter and happy shrieks.



A duet between the Ambassador and Nataša




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When choosing a house, women’s voice gain more importance. Wives and mothers look after the family and protect the house. Just like women are capable of nurturing children in upbringing them, females can accurately give advice and make suggestions in creating a comfortable home by having a closer standpoint as wives and mothers. RBA will continue to hold RBA Ladies’ Evenings next year, too, so this industry could change into providing a better environment where females can succeed, and offer female specific care, attention and kindness as service.



Rock-scissors-and-paper game with Mr. Kume. The winner gets a Christmas present!




※  RBA plaza will open in Shinjuku. The plaza will provide services such as massage, nail care, flower arrangements to ladies who attended RBA Ladies’ Evenings, and those who work in the real estate industry.


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