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Supports Grammar School in Obrenovac, Republic of Serbia

Obrenovac, Republic of Serbia

【22nd January】

On 22nd January 2015, RBA International made a donation to Grammar School in Obrenovac (Gimnazija u Obrenovcu), Republic of Serbia.

RBA International as part of its activities have held a charity concert for the children in Kosovo back in 2001 when it was still the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The ethnic antagonisms and the impoverishment of economy which continued from the 1990s had put many children in harsh environments. Grieving over this reality, Mr. Kume felt the urge to do something about it, which became the trigger in having the relationship with Serbia initially. After that, we were given the “Serbia Ambassador’s Cup” for RBA Baseball Tournament in 2009, and RBAI have supported Serbian artists.

Last year May, Serbia experienced a big scale flooding. When RBA International offered to be of any help, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia have put us through to Grammar School in Obrenovac who was in need.

Obrenovac is a mid-sized town, situated 30 km south-west from central Belgrade with a population of approximately 25,000. Grammar School in Obrenovac was founded in 1922, with 16 classes and 450 students today. The school has been well recognized for its academic excellence over the past years.




The donation will be used to improve Grammar School in Obrenovac environment. The school considers students’ safety one of the most important aspects in their work. From this reason, they wished for a modern surveillance system to be introduced in the school and RBAI was able to help achieve that.

The Principle Mr. Protić expressed in the Thank You letter, “Personally, I wish to emphasize that support of your esteemed organization, at the times of hardship and recovery, was of essential importance. We deeply value your contribution and look forward to further strengthening of our friendly relations.”

It took us some time to be able to send our support to Serbia, as the country has strict regulations on overseas donations. However, whichever country it may be, when people need help, you offer to help. RBA International will continue to do what are natural for humans to do, naturally.



Affected Schools


Thank You Letter from The Principle Mr. Protić

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