RBA International.

“RBA Plaza” Opens! The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia, Nenad Glišić,Vists Plaza

Shinjuku i-Land, Shinjuku

【March 3rd

“RBA Plaza”opened in Shinjuku i-Land to serve as a base for more people to get to know the variety of RBA International activities.

One of the tasks we gave ourselves at the opening of the Plaza was to let many Japanese know about Serbia and hence, expand their circle of friendship. To do this we named the Plaza “Serbia House”. RBAI has strengthened its tie with Serbia in the past; we have organized charity concerts for the children of Kosovo; sent a donation to an affected school in Serbia after the big scale flooding that happened in 2014; furthermore, we also support Serbian artists.


with ambassador.jpg

The Ambassador, Nenad Glišić and Chairman Kume with the flag of Serbia at the back


On the day of the opening, the Ambassador, Nenad Glišić, was invited. The ambassador poured Serbian coffee himself and taught the RBA Plaza staff how to make it. He promised he will give his full support, saying “Please let us know anything that you may need. We will write an article on RBA Plaza and have it on the embassy homepage. We can also put RBA Plaza link there”.




"You see, you only put this much water. After the water boils, you put glinded coffee, mix them and that's it. It's easy!"


RBA Plaza offers services such as gel nail and massage, etc, and all the money collected from these services will be donated to the children of Serbia via the embassy. Serbian coffee will be served to customers.


RBA Plaza: Shinjuku i-Land Atrium 1F, 6-4-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

TEL: 03-6279-0919

Opening Hours: Mon~Fri 11:00~20:00



RBA Plaza changes its appearance and interior quite often



Kume's Library newly opened (June)


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 An article on the Ambassador visiting RBA Plaza on the Embassy of The Republic of Serbia HP

The Ambassador Visiting Plaza

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