RBA International.

Final Match of the 5th Club-D Cup

The Another RBA: The Winner of the 5th D Cup goes to Sumitomo Real Estate Sales, defeating Tokyu Livable.

【May 1st

The 5th Club-D Cup, also known as “the another RBA”, had Sumitomo Real Estate Sales as the winner. The final match between Tokyu Livable and Sumitomo Real Estate Sales took place at Tokyo Dome on May 1st, where Sumitomo Real Estate Sales won for the first time winning a close game of 3-2.

On the day, the audience stand was filled with the “Livable Blue”. Last year, Tokyu Livable lost against Mitsui Fudosan Realty’s “Rehouse Red”. This year, having the opportunity to take on the revenge, the company mass produced a T-shirt with the corporate color blue; filling the stand with 400-500 supporters. Sumitomo Real Estate Sales on the other hand, perhaps “prioritizing work” was feeling away from home in terms of supporters. They only had few tens of supports but the game ran completely at their pace. Tokyu Livable ended the game in 2nd place, 2 years in a row.

Toshikazu Tanaka, the CEO of Sumitomo Real Estate Sales, and Yoshihiro Nakajima, the Chairman of Tokyu Livable also came to support the game; enlivening the game.



The winner - Sumitomo Real Estate Sales nine



Sumitomo Real Estate Sales receives the Championship Cup

and Printing Voucher from Chairman Kume



Tokyu Livable Manager, Mr. Otsuki receives

Commendation for the Second Prize



Livable supporters filling the stand with the Livable Blue

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